Petco | Unsung Heroes – Episode 1

Grace is just one of the many Unsung Heroes that Petco recognized during this web-series.

Branded content that’s all bark and no bite… but in a good way!

If there are two things we love at ECG, it’s creating great content, and animals. For that reason, it was an honor to team up once more with Victoria Stilwell and the Petco Foundation on Unsung Heroes.

This branded content web series shines spotlights heroes to both human and animal-kind all across the country.  And as luck would have it, the series’ 1st episode focuses on a heroine from our hometown, Atlanta. Once we got our hands on it, ace editor Kelsey Merriam got to work to craft the footage into the compelling, character-driven story before you.

Being so close to home, this episode means a ton to all the animal-lovers on our team. Knowing that we helped give heroes like Grace Hamlin the recognition they deserve was an incredible experience that we still cherish! Want more? Check out episode 5 with Shannon!

Client: The Petco Foundation + PositivelyProfile: Branded Content




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