Hilarious Photos of Film & TV Director Jason Sirotin

Jason in the 90's
All video production professionals have that awkward phase they’d rather you not see. Hilariously, though, one of our directors isn’t afraid for you to see these pics.

ECG Productions’ Jason Sirotin definitely had an “Awkward Phase.” Here are some pics of what he looked like in the 90’s.

Here he is at his homecoming dance in 1994. Suspenders, a pride of lions on his tie, and the ever-popular suspender-braided belt combo. Poor, brave girl!


Here he is posing for his freshman show choir photo. Personally, we love the glasses and the braces. Looking good!


The beginning of Jason Sirotin’s career in video production: a super-sweet Magnavox VHS camcorder. Look at the excitement on his face!

Jason Sirotin Gets His Start in Video Production A Magnavox VHS CAMCORDER.

Jason Sirotin poses in a Charlotte Hornets jacket next to his 1989 Ford Escort. He’s so gangsta. 


Jason Sirotin has always been classy. Here he is strutting in navajo print shorts while flipping off the camera.

Jason Sirotin in navajo print flipping off the camera.

Jason Sirotin circa 1990 pulling off the mullet with ease. A Bugle Boy lime green shirt, stone washed jeans and a Pop Swatch complete the ensemble.

Jason Sirotin Mullet Stone washed jeans and pop swatch combo 1990

You’ve had a laugh, now check out the newest music videos by the ECG Productions team, directed by Jason Sirotin: Vitaly K, Universe and Elder Jones, Hard Work.

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Elder Jones | Hard Work | ECG Productions | Directed By Jason Sirotin

Jason Sirotin

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