Resurgens Orthopaedics | Braves Stadium Squeezeback

We helped Resurgens Orthopaedics paint the black with a perfectly placed animated squeezeback advertisement that ran at Truist Park!

Don’t charge the mound if that baseball jargon went over your head! The point is: Resurgens is the place for orthopaedic care in the greater Atlanta area, and they’re one of our most beloved clients! For this spot, they needed a six second squeezeback to run on the big screen during Braves games. 

A “squeezeback” ad runs concurrently with the main content on screen. So, when the program you’re watching shrinks down into a box and a commercial plays for a moment in another box? That’s a squeezeback. It’s a quick ad that doesn’t fully disrupt the action, which means no one’s getting up for a snack break when it runs!

Any pro will tell you performing in front of 50,000 people can be intimidating, but we’re used to the bright lights, so we stepped up in the clutch. We began with a billboard designed by our friends over at Brain Bytes Creative. Lead Animator Trey Gregory gave it life in Adobe After Effects, and composited Resurgens’ “hex-ray” onto the pitcher’s wrist.

You might see that hex-ray elsewhere in our Resurgens commercials. That’s because it’s our original concept, and it’s really cool! We scour the internet or use 3D models to ensure we use the right angles on the correct bones. Our clients know bones like no others, so everything has to be accurate!

Normally, we’d end with a lame pun saying this ad is a “home run”, but that seems wrong for a spot featuring a pitcher, right? This animation is just another reminder that when it comes to quality video content, we’re naturals, and we’re in a league of our own!




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