Atlanta Production Studio Rentals

Your In-House Production Studio Rental

If you spend a lot of time organizing video shoots, then you know finding the perfect location can drive even the most savvy producer crazy. That’s why we offer our in-house production studio up for rental.

Our state of the art studio offers everything you & your clients could need. From advanced lighting options controlled through our DMX panel, to a 42-inch client monitor, to nuances like a well-stocked mini-fridge, shooting in our studio means a seamless and luxurious production. Our studio offers enough space to shoot interviews, music videos, green screen scenes, and everything in between.

Size & Versatility

ECG in-house production studio rental
ECG in-house production studio rental

The entire studio space measures 39.35 x 20 and features a 18.25 W x 17.75 L x 12 H Cyc-wall. We’ve painted the cyc-wall green for large scale green screen shoots, and white as well. A white cyc offers a wide variety of options. It has served as a clean background for many interviews, and you need only look at some of our music videos to appreciate the way lights play off the surface.

Convenient Lighting & Grip

Look up in our studio and you’ll be greeted with an impressive display. Six LED lights occupy the lighting grid. Using our DMX panel, you can adjust the grid as you need it.

Attached to the studio is our spacious warehouse. We’ve gathered a ton of awesome gear over the years (both figuratively and literally), and all of it is available for rent a la carte. Some of the production extras available for your production include:

  • 575 Par HMIs
  • 1 x 1 LED Fresnels
  • 100 LED Fresnels
  • LED Light Wands
  • Up to 8 C-Stands
  • Full sets of Avenger Stands
  • C-clamps and assorted grip gear
  • Production expendables

Studio Rental Booking Information


  • 1 Day Studio Rental (weekday): $600/day
  • 1 Day Studio Rental (weekends/off-hours): $850
    This includes an on-site studio manager who will oversee production and accommodate any of your production needs.

Rental Notes

  1. We do not provide keys or office codes to the ECG office, nor do we allow unattended access to the building. A representative from ECG will always be on-site, whether it’s during business or off-hours. Not only does this protect us, the renters, but it also ensures that you receive top-notch service.
  2. In order to complete the booking and hold the date, we need to collect a 50% deposit and a certificate of liability insurance ($1 Million limit minimum) naming Entertainment Creative Group Productions, Inc. as the certificate holder. Full balance payment due upon arrival the first day of the rental.

If you’re ready to lock down the best damn production studio you’ll ever shoot in, reach out to or contact us via our contact page to book our space today!