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Welcome to ECG Productions, your ultimate destination for video production studio rentals in Atlanta. We are dedicated to providing top-notch facilities and equipment to meet all your production needs. Our studio is perfectly equipped for a wide range of video projects, including interviews, music videos, and green screen work.

Studio A Atlanta - ECG Productions

Our Studios: Tailored for Your Production Success

Video Studio A Atlanta, GA ECG Productions LensHead Media

Studio A (White Cyc): Our expansive Studio A features a 40’ x 25’ space with a 14ft high grid, ideal for high-quality video production with its versatile white cyc background.

Atlanta Video Production Studio B ECG Productions, Lenshead Media

Studio B (Green Cyc): Studio B offers a 30’ x 25’ space, also with a 14ft high grid. This studio is equipped with a green cyc, perfect for chroma keying and special effects.

Atlanta Video Production Studio C

Studio C: Insert Stage: For smaller, more intimate shoots, our Insert Stage is 25’ x 25’ with an impressive 18ft high deck.

State-of-the-Art Gear for All Your Production Needs

At ECG Productions, we understand the importance of having the right gear for a successful video production. That’s why we’ve equipped our Atlanta-based studios with an extensive range of professional-grade equipment, ensuring you have everything you need for your project. Here’s a detailed look at our comprehensive gear list:

Professional Lighting Equipment

  • LED Panels: Including high-quality brands like Arri SkyPanel, Litepanels Astra, and Bi-Color LEDs for versatile lighting setups.
  • Tungsten Lights: Classic Fresnel lights from Arri and Mole-Richardson, providing that warm, cinematic glow.
  • HMI Lights: Powerful daylight-balanced options like the Arri M-Series and Joker-Bug HMIs for high-intensity lighting needs.
  • Kino Flo Lights: Ideal for soft, even lighting, our range includes 2ft, 4ft, and portable Diva-Lite kits.
  • Specialty Lighting: Including Astera LED tubes, Light Wands, and a variety of light modifiers like softboxes, beauty dishes, and more.

Grip and Rigging Equipment

  • Grip Gear: Comprehensive grip packages including C-Stands, Combo Stands, Apple Boxes, Sandbags, and Clamps.
  • Dolly and Track Systems: Including doorway dollies, slider systems, and portable track options for dynamic camera movements.
  • Rigging Hardware: Trusses, clamps, and rigging kits for complex setups.
  • Flags and Diffusion: A wide range of flags, silks, scrims, and bounce boards for precise light control.

Camera and Lens Packages

  • Cameras: High-end cinema cameras from RED, ARRI, and Blackmagic Design, as well as DSLRs and mirrorless options for various project needs.
  • Lenses: A diverse selection of prime and zoom lenses from top brands like Zeiss, Canon, and Cooke, catering to different stylistic preferences and shooting requirements.
  • Camera Support: Including tripods, gimbals, steadicams, and shoulder rigs for stable and creative shooting.

Audio and Communication Equipment

  • Microphones: A variety of shotgun, lavalier, and studio microphones for clear audio capture.
  • Audio Recorders and Mixers: Professional-grade sound recorders and mixing boards for high-quality audio production.
  • Communication Tools: Walkie-talkies and wireless communication systems for efficient on-set coordination.

Post-Production Facilities

  • Editing Suites: State-of-the-art editing stations equipped with the latest software for video editing, color grading, and special effects.
  • Sound Booths: Soundproof booths for voice-over recording and audio post-production.

Additional Utilities and Amenities

  • Production Offices: Comfortable and equipped offices for pre-production and production meetings.
  • Green Rooms and Makeup Areas: Private spaces for talent preparation, including makeup and wardrobe areas.
  • Catering and Craft Services: On-request catering services to keep your crew fueled throughout the shoot.

Why Choose ECG Productions?

State-of-the-Art Facilities

At ECG Productions, we pride ourselves on offering a studio experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our studios are not just spaces; they are dynamic environments equipped with cutting-edge technology. From advanced lighting systems that can create the perfect ambiance for any scene to our 42-inch client monitor for real-time feedback, every detail is designed for excellence. The inclusion of thoughtful amenities like a well-stocked mini-fridge and comfortable lounge areas ensures that your team and clients enjoy a seamless and enjoyable production experience.

Professional Guidance On-Site

Our commitment to your project's success is reflected in the unparalleled support provided by our experienced studio manager. This expert is more than just a supervisor; they are your production partner, offering hands-on assistance, technical know-how, and creative consultation throughout your shoot. Whether it's adjusting lighting setups or troubleshooting technical issues, our studio manager is there to ensure your production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Tailored Rental Packages

Understanding the diverse needs of video production, we offer flexible booking options that cater to various schedules and budget requirements. Whether you need a studio during regular weekdays, weekends, or off-hours, we provide competitive rates without compromising on quality or service. Our rental packages are not just about studio space; they include access to our extensive inventory of state-of-the-art gear and facilities, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful production. This comprehensive approach offers exceptional value, making ECG Productions the go-to choice for video production studio rentals in Atlanta.

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