Photography at its finest

At the core of every great video is great visuals. And the key to great visuals in video production stems directly from a keen understanding of photography. Composition, perfect lighting, carefully planned angles: they’re the bedrock of everything we do. So, with so many beautiful videos under our belt, it’s no surprise that we here at Entertainment Creative Group also offer top notch Atlanta photography services.


Two different types of ECG headshots.

Are you ready for your close up? Because you should be!

When it comes to personal branding, there are few things as vital as a good headshot. Whether you’re a C-level executive, an entry-level employee, or an actor looking for updated looks, a great headshot sets you apart and portrays you in your best light.

At ECG, our roster of seasoned on-staff photographers know exactly how to make you shine brightest. From in studio photo ops to on location shoots, we have the tools and expertise to deliver picture perfect headshots.

Event Photography

A still from an Arnold Palmer Spiked event.

You’ve put in time, effort, and goodness knows you’ve probably lost a ton of sleep prepping for your next big event. After all this work, it’d be a shame if it wasn’t documented, right? Photos can go a long way in bolstering the event’s impact and engagement long after its conclusion.

Don’t trust your event photography to just anyone, either. You need a team that’s been there, who’s done that, and who knows exactly the kinds of shots you’re looking for. With years of photographing events under our collective belts, ECG provides some of the industry’s best event photography.

From conferences to corporate events, from galas to gallery openings and everything in between: we’ve photographed them all. And with ECG behind the camera, you know that your event will look just amazing in photos as it does in person.

Behind the Scenes Photography

A can-do MS man sits with his dog in this behind the scenes photograph.
Behind the scenes at another event, this time featuring some furry buddies!

Behind every great video production…is another person with a camera shooting behind the scenes photos. These behind the scenes photos not only capture the excitement of your production, but also create added value to the experience. Audiences want fully immersive experiences, and what better way to do that than give them a peek behind the curtain?

From feature films to corporate videos, we’ve shot behind the scenes photographs for every kind of production. Our skilled BTS photographers move stealthily, capturing both the big moments as well as the little intimate ones. Plus, as veterans of the video production field, our photographers know exactly what shots any good producer would want for posterity.

Make your photos worth more than 1,000 words

Like great video content, high quality photography is equal parts beautiful and engaging. How you capture these photos varies from project to project, but at the end of the day it comes down to one crucial element: kick-ass professionals executing to perfection. Lucky for you, at ECG we have plenty of those to go around.

So if you’re ready to lock in the best damn photography partner you’ll ever find, we’re ready and willing to take some photos.

Let’s make some photography magic.