Blitz 400 Infomercial

Ikan Blitz 400 Wireless Video Receiver
Want to know more about the Blitz 400? It’s one of our favorite “toys," and this informercial breaks down all of its bells and whistles.

There’s No Wires, People!

People always ask us: ECG Productions, how do you make such awesome videos? A big part of our success is our amazing team–we’re kind of a big deal. However, having great, kick-ass gear also helps a ton.

So, to showcase one of our favorite toys, the Blitz 400, we decided to make a fun infomercial (at least as fun as an infomercial can be). Our Director of Photography, Brandon, and his beautiful assistant, the talented editor/1st AC Collin (aka me), got in front of the camera and pulled out all the stops. Side note: this is 100% how we always interact.

The Blitz 400 Infomercial

Transcription of Blitz 400 Infomercial

Brandon: I’m Brandon Peterson with ECG Productions, and this is my jolly assistant, Colin Ingram. Tell me, look at this setup. Who do you see there?

Collin: That is our lovely audio recordist, Ms. Kelsey Mariam.

Brandon: All right. Now, where is she in real life?

Collin: If you follow the camera, she’s right over there.

Brandon: Oh, hi, Kelsey. So how’s she doing on this monitor?

Collin: I don’t know. Kelsey, are you doing okay?

Brandon: Move this away and see if Kelsey stays there. Look at the signals still there. There’s no wires people, we’re talking wireless HD video zero delay transfer with the Blitz 400. Look at this Colin. What do you think you could use this for?

Collin: You could go real far away.

Brandon: Imagine if you’re on a production. Have you ever been on a production before Colin?

Collin: I have. It’s my job.

Brandon: Sometimes it’s crazy, right? It gets crazy! The camera can be moving around it could be on some sort of crazy rig and they’re running over here and they’re running over there and the director’s like, “Well I can’t see they’re running around I can’t run around with them.” Picture this, I’m the director. I’m standing over here. I could even be sipping a late sitting on my cush director’s seat.

Collin: Director’s right?

Brandon: Oh yeah. Seeing what they’re doing. You ever heard of an assistant camera, someone who pulls focus?

Collin: I know that guy.

Brandon: Oh you’ve done that before.

Collin: That guy is me.

Brandon: Try this Colin, come over here. Pretend like you’re pulling focus. And I’m goin to pretend like I’m moving this camera around. We got a crazy director he’s asking us to move the camera around and I don’t have the right rig, “But okay director we’re going to do it.” So, I’m moving the camera around and you’re over there pulling focus Colin. Aww look at him go! We’re all wireless here, everybody’s happy. I’m trying to get a good shot. I can see what I’m doing. You can see what I’m doing. And this is all happening wirelessly with the Blitz 400.

And let me tell you my favorite thing about it. It’s very similar to the Teradek Bowl, that’s the industry standard, they’re great they work fabulous. This works just as well. Apples to Apples at least a $1,000 less expensive for the same thing. So, tell me Colin if you could save $1,000 or more to get the same thing would you do it?

Collin: I mean, I’d do it.

Brandon: What would you do with an extra $1,000?

Collin: I’d turn that cash into nickels and swim around in it Scrouge McDuck style.

Brandon: That’s weird but you can do whatever you want with your money, it’s yours because you saved it because you bought the Blitz 400. The cool thing is you can hook up four different receivers to four different monitors so no more crazy long cable runs and all these SDI cables going hundreds of feet and there’s cables everywhere. You can do this all wirelessly now, up to 400 feet with the Blitz 400.

Brandon: And it comes in this beautiful case. And this is different from what you would get from Teradek and a lot of other companies because iKam likes to give you everything you need to get your production started. So, if you look in here there’s a nice slot for your receiver. There’s a nice slot for your transmitter, you’re antennas. They give you two of these D-tap to Lemo cables. The Blitz 400 you can get it from our friends at iKam that’s the Blitz 400.

Speaker 3: The Blitz 400 zero delay wireless HD video system. Up to 400 foot line of site range. Supports Sony L Series batteries. Four receives can connect to one transmitter. Get yours today.

What Do You Think?!

Did our overly-excited and clearly caffeinated staffers sell you on this awesome production tool? Are you, like, rushing out to buy one before your next shoot? Are you slightly weirded out by the enthusiasm displayed by these two men?

Please, let us know all your thoughts–and then some–in the comments below.

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