Picture of Jordan Nowlin

Jordan Nowlin

Jordan was born and raised in Atlanta, making the jump over to Athens, GA for college where he attended the University of Georgia. He graduated with distinction with degrees in English, Psychology, and Film Studies, and then promptly took his talents up north to New York City. While in the Big Apple, Jordan worked in the whacky world of comic books, honing his knack for storytelling at every pass. After a couple of years in the cold, he decided it was time to return home and make his mark on the burgeoning Atlanta film scene. Since then, he has continued his career working as a writer/producer for music videos, commercials, and short films. If he’s learned anything so far in this industry, it’s that no matter the medium, the budget, or the client, story is always the key to any successful production, and he’s happy to bring those stories to life. When he's not working, you'll find Jordan reading a good book, eating too much sushi, or casually strolling the Beltline.

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Video thumbnail for internal marketing video.

Any Lab Test Now | Ancestry Origins Test

Composite videos are just another way to make content more dynamic. See how we merged live-action with graphics and animation for an Any Lab Test Now spot.

Video thumbnail for a music video by rap artist Kese.
Music Videos

Kese | “On Me” Music Video

Creative use of neon lighting and a catchy track make this music video for Kese’s “On Me” sing in it’s own right. Another example of our passion for making music videos!

Video thumbnail for Any Lab Test Now internal marketing video.

Any Lab Test Now | Teen Drug Testing

When Any Lab Test Now asked ECG to shoot 18 videos in one day, we dove right in to the project. Here’s one of the resulting commercials on teen drug testing.

Video thumbnail for product demo video.
Product Video

Halyard | Aero Chrome

The best video production projects often get a little gross. Check out the product video for the Aero Chrome surgical gown by Halyard to see what we mean.

National Vision Monster Jam Promotional Video
Branded Content

National Vision | Monster Jam

Nothing says philanthropy quite like free glasses and monster trucks, right? National Vision and Boys & Girls Club of America would agree, at least!

GDOT Impact (corporate video)

GDOT | Impact on Atlanta

Traffic in Atlanta can be… challenging. But GDOT is working hard on improvements and it shows! This corporate video showcases their best achievements with style.

National Vision promotional video shows Jalapeño getting new eyeglasses
Branded Content

National Vision | Jalapeño

From the moment we met “Jalapeño,” we knew that his journey to getting new glasses would make for one awesome corporate video. We weren’t wrong.

Halocarbon - How? animated corporate video

Halocarbon | How?

Telling the story of a fluorochemical company like Halocarbon might seem daunting or, even worse, boring. With the help of 2D animation, though, we kept it fun!

Video thumbnail for Del Frisco training video,

FeedTV | Being a Great DFRG Bartender

A professional training video doesn’t have to feel like being stuck in a lecture. We helped the Del Frisco Restaurant Group overcome boring corporate video with FeedTV.

Video thumbnail for corporate marketing video.

iMeet | Collaboration Solutions Video

This video runs double duty as a training video for PGi’s employees and a product demo for their clients. Screencapture and sleek motion graphics make this one a winner!

Video thumbnail for 360 music video.
Music Videos

Sky | “Missing You” 360 Music Video

This music video gave us an excuse to try new 360 & VR video equipment! The tech has come a long way since Missing You by Sky, but it’s still cool to look back.

Video thumbnail for the pilot episode of tv show, Sell Out.

Sell Out | Pilot

We make a lot of great commercials, but not all commercials are created equal. The worst of the worst is on display in our pilot for the TV show, Sell Out.