Content Survey Response #3: Kelsey Merriam

Content Survey Response in film Inglorious Basterds
Kelsey Merriam, one of our talented video editors, weighs in on her favorite movies and TV shows in this profile post. Can you guess what her number one film is?

Kelsey is the newest member of the ECG team. She started out as one of our many talented summer interns this past year, but soon showed through her great attitude, hustle and strong desire to learn that she was an indispensable asset. When Kelsey came on board she moved into the misleadingly-named “Executive Assistant” role previously occupied by Mary Winter, who has gone on to become a full-time producer (and a damn good one at that).

Since Kelsey’s been around the shortest amount of time, she’s still not quite as loud and in-your-face about her opinions as many of the rest of us are around here, so I was super excited to get some greater insight into her tastes in the realm of film and television. Without further ado, here are Kelsey’s responses to my survey questions.

If you need to refresh your memory, read my original Content Survey post that runs down the concept and lists off the various categories.


Best Dialogue: Inglourious Basterds

For someone such as myself who is constantly analyzing dialogue in movies, it is always a breath of fresh air when I can watch an entire movie without sighing at some poorly-written line. The dialogue in this film is so rich – funny when appropriate, and other times menacing and foreboding. Also, the film’s opening scene is probably one of my favorite openings in cinematic history.

Best Action: Edge of Tomorrow

Just awesome, video game-esque fun with Tom Cruise!

Best Emotional Connection with the Audience: Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon and Robin Williams portray their characters beautifully in this film with a realism and rawness that can only evoke sympathy in the audience. I teared up several times watching this movie as I found myself genuinely saddened by the difficulties they face.

Guilty Pleasure: Birdemic: Shock and Terror and Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

Content Survey Response, Guilty Pleasure: Birdemic

What can I say, I really enjoy bad movies! Forget Tommy Wiseau’s The Room or Troll 2, these films are arguably the worst ever made. Think of everything your college professor told you not to do when making a film…and then watch Birdemic and Birdemic 2 to see why you were given that advice in the first place.

Guaranteed Tears: Big Fish

My sister and I cried our eyes out during the finale of this one. I don’t care if it’s cheesy; how can you not love that beautiful moment when Will meets all of the characters from the stories his recently-deceased father told him?

Movie You Feel Like You SHOULD Like, But You Don’t: Brooklyn

Everyone I know raved about this Oscar-nominated film and chastised me for criticizing it (which, honestly, made me hate it a little more). After I watched this movie I found myself asking, “If Brooklyn was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel and the characters were American, would anyone like this movie at all?” Aren’t people tired of watching the story of a young, attractive woman struggling to choose between a foreign lover and a man from back home? I know I am. I don’t want to believe that people are willing to look past a cheesy plot because they like Irish accents, but…

Movie You Hate Purely out of Spite: Minions

I wish I could say that I resent this movie purely because of how prolific these stupid yellow turds have become, but, sadly I have seen this garbage and, therefore, also resent it because I can never get those 90 minutes back.

All-Time Favorite: The Return of the King

It has been almost a decade since I first saw The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it still stands the test of time. Nothing will match Howard Shore’s beautifully epic scoring or the most cinematic journey ever captured on film. The Return of the King remains my favorite of the trilogy as it wonderfully wraps up the story while providing plenty of excitement along the way.



Best Episodic Drama: Black Mirror

This British anthology series is dark, spellbinding, and thought-provoking. Few shows have left me staring blankly at the screen in horror and amazement like Black Mirror has with its twisted tales of technological power and the humans who try to wield it.

content survey response in TV: Family GuyBest Comedy (Low Brow): Family Guy

Sometimes you just gotta watch a show that requires minimal thought. While Family Guy often thrives on fart jokes and cartoony violence, it occasionally crosses over into high brow territory, drawing attention to stigmas and stereotypes in a humorous way.

Best Comedy (High Brow): n/a

Best Reality/Contest: An Idiot Abroad

No matter how scripted this show may be, Karl Pilkington’s politically incorrect rants about the countries he visits never fail to make me smile.

Comfort Food/Hangover Fodder: The Office

The Office is a perfect escape from dreariness. The sheer ridiculousness of the characters keeps my attention season after season. But, I wouldn’t use this as hangover fodder because I don’t drink, Mom and Dad…

Best Series Finale: Parks and Recreation

Though admittedly I did hate most of the final season of Parks and Rec, the last episode perfectly encapsulates the show by giving a glimpse into each character’s future before jumping back to the present.

Lived Up to the Hype: Stranger Things

Content Survey Response - Stranger Things

For someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy 80’s movies, I wasn’t too sure if I would like Stranger Things, but I was very wrong. Definitely in my top 10 TV shows.

Pressured into Watching This and…Meh: Dr. Who

I don’t know if the really overzealous fans or the downright stupidity of the episode I watched was more of a deciding factor in me deciding that this show is absolutely not for me. Which also begs the question: is there such a thing as a casual Dr. Who fan?

All-Time Favorite: Game of Thrones

No other show has drawn me in and held my attention like Game of Thrones. Character development, breathtaking action and suspense, compelling plots, horrific deaths, romance that doesn’t make you want to gag: this show has it all. Also, there are tits and dragons if that’s your thing.

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  1. Perfect picks. I love all of these. I am also excited to see the next episodes of stranger things.

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