Coors Light | 2019 College Football Kick-Off

Two teams. One great beer brand. One awesome event video.

In the South, there are 2 vitally important ingredients for a great autumn afternoon: college football and beer. The sights, the sounds, the tastes; it’s an annual ritual unlike any other. Naturally our friends at Coors Light had a genius way to celebrate the 2019 college football season kick-off: they put on a huge tailgate. Well, it was more a party, really. Either way, we came along for the ride and boy, oh boy, was it ever something.

Shot in sunny (and incredibly muggy, at the time) Orlando, FL, the Coors Light Chill Zone tailgate was a spectacle, to say the least. Fans flocked from all over the country to see the Florida Gators clash with their bitter rivals, the Miami Hurricanes. Grills and pop-up tents abounded, as did plenty of creative outdoor bar setups. They all paled in comparison to Coors Light’s awesome “Silver Bullet,” though. Complete with 7 taps, LED displays, and multiple air conditioned vents, this thing was on another level. Just take a look at the video and you’ll see how great of a time everyone was having there.

We opted for a go-to run and gun set up, using 2 Sony a7s ii cameras with a Ronin camera stabilizer. There was a ton happening at once, and we caught every instance of hype and excitement there was. There was also a LOT of sweating involved. We even snagged a quick sound byte with the dean of college football commentary, Kirk Herbstreit. 

But where this spot really shines is in the edit. Sebastian really helped the energy of the day shine through with some great timelapse shots, some creative editing, and a kick-ass sound mix. If this event video doesn’t have you ready to run through a wall, then I’m not sure what will.




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