Creating a Unique Spokesperson That Breaks the Mold


When you think about establishing a brand identity, what comes to mind? Yes, you need to convey who your business is and what it stands for, but do you consider how to make yourself memorable in the minds of your audience? 

This component is essential to all spokesperson brand marketing, but especially video since it combines so many important elements. You can make yourself memorable using a catch phrase, or a visual style to your content. You can also make your branded video content memorable with a spokesperson.

Especially if you think outside the box, using a spokesperson who’s unique and memorable, and is only associated with you, you’ll create branded content that sticks with your audience. This gives you more headspace in your industry and can help you stand above your competition.

Who does this right already? A lot of brands, so let’s take a look at what works.

The Liberty Mutual commercial spokespeople

Within any given Liberty Mutual commercial, there’s not one, but two spokespeople that give the brand something nobody else does. LiMu Emu and Doug are always there doing their thing, and even if you think they’re a little silly and ridiculous, you remember them. And, you remember the brand.

Doug tells you that Liberty Mutual sells insurance and LiMu squawks along in what you assume is agreement. They’re telling you what you need to know, which is the same message as many other insurance companies, but you remember theirs because of how they’ve chosen to deliver the message.

Other brands do what a Liberty Mutual commercial does, but they’re not always as consistent. LiMu Emu and Dog are it for the brand, while others, like Progressive, have a variety of spokespeople. There’s Flo, Jamie, and Mara who often work together, but all have their own personality. Staying with insurance companies, Geico also mixes its spokespeople — from the Gecko to cave men, and a few others in between.

When you can focus on one spokesperson strategy, you definitely make it easier for your audience to remember you, and the more unique they are, the better your chances they’ll stick.

Does a spokesperson have to be a celebrity?

The definition of celebrity is constantly changing. While a famous person can help sell your brand because your audience already recognizes them, and maybe trusts their recommendation, you can now create your own, branded celebrity.

That’s what Liberty Mutual did through their commercial. LiMu Emu and Doug are just strange enough to have become famous in their own right. But, they’re not the first. Think about the, “can you hear me now?” guy of cellular service fame. He switched brands, going from Verizon to Sprint, but retained his fame as a brand ambassador of cell service. He was a great spokesperson choice first because he created a memorable presence and then because he was a cell service celebrity.

If you can afford a celebrity spokesperson, there’s nothing wrong with using their fame to elevate your brand. However, if it’s just not in the budget, with some creative thinking, and the right content strategy, you can just invent your own.

Why should you have a spokesperson at all?

If you’re not feeling particularly inspired to create a spokesperson to attract people to your brand, you may wonder if they’re necessary at all. And, the answer is, not always. With so many different ways to use branded video content to promote your company, you have options. However, there are plenty of benefits to incorporating a spokesperson including:

  • Building credibility through an ‘expert’ whether their knowledge is perceived or real.
  • Creating awareness for your brand through viral video and an engaging gimmick.
  • Reinventing your brand. A spokesperson can definitely give your business a new look.
  • Establishing a strategic advantage among competition. You’ll really stand out with the help of a spokesperson (whether they’re human or not.)

Taking the right approach to your branded content

Whether you want a spokesperson or not to define your brand, your first move should be to engage a video production company who understands your options. They can work with you from the very start of the process to help you conceptualize an idea that engages and sits right on the cutting edge. From there, they can help create a script, produce, and edit your video content to stay on brand.

At ECG Productions, we’ve worked with a variety of companies through this exact process. It’s our goal to take your vision, guide it in the most productive direction, and bring it to life with compelling branded content that works. To learn more about how we can help you every step of the way, contact us today!

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