James Patterson | The Deadly Cross Experience

In this book promo, top-notch set design leads to an unforgettable Deadly Cross experience for real fans of James Patterson's prolific Alex Cross detective novel series.
Fans were blown away by the production design and immersive experience

Long-time fans rediscover their love for James Patterson’s most famous mystery series in this one-of-a-kind look at the legacy of Alex Cross.

Alex Cross’ story began in 1993 with the pulse-pounding thriller, Along Came a Spider. Now, 26 sequels and nearly 30 years later, he’s still going strong. Author James Patterson wanted to do something special for the release of the 28th book in the series, Deadly Cross, which he says is the best yet! Combining equal parts new-book-hype and series nostalgia, the Deadly Cross Experience was born.

Director Cameron Shaw, Producer/Production Designer Muriel Lee, and Gaffer, Collin Ingram created the ultimate nerd-out zone for Alex Cross fans. Using their knowledge of Alex Cross lore, plus tons of blood, sweat, tears, and set decoration (mostly by Muriel and her team!), they succeeded. And the fans did not disappoint!

Making Magic, Mid-Pandemic

All twenty-plus fans were floored by the memorabilia, our 3D animation of the new book, and the wall dedicated to their favorite fictional psychologist sleuth. DP Trey Gregory got a workout using our Canon C200 and Angenieux lenses on a shoulder rig! Camera Op Seb Chamaca worked our BlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera on a Ronin gimbal with Tamron glass.

Shooting in the midst of a pandemic, we had to maintain strict social distancing throughout the production. So, we shot in the huge Studio A at our sister space, LensHead Studios, and sequestered small groups of talent in Studio B with the bay doors open, cycling them throughout the day. Only a few fans were ever in the building at the same time, keeping our set both organized and safe!

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