Dutch Masters | Craft Syndicate – T.I.

Grammy Award-winning rapper T.I. pays homage to his Atlanta roots in this mini-doc for Dutch Masters

T.I.P. Harris

We had the incredible opportunity to document the multi-talented rapper T.I. Harris as he reminisced on growing up in Atlanta, his entrepreneurial pursuits, and how his home town is the root of his creative work, calling it the “nucleus” of his music. Harris, a three-time Grammy Award-winning rapper, has been a wildly popular influence in the music scene, and was a perfect choice for Dutch Masters’ Craft Syndicate mentorship project. 

The Syndicate

Craft Syndicate was an incredible project by Dutch Masters cigar and cigarillo makers, where aspiring artists got the chance to learn from and collaborate with industry savvy mentors in the fields of music and the visual arts. T.I. is one of the most popular hip-hop artists around, so he was a natural choice for this mentorship program.

Our team enjoyed the opportunity to hear from a legend in the music industry. Our Director of Photography, Sebastian Chamaca, was able to tell a stunning visual story, composing beautiful shots that convey the subject’s authority, while juxtaposing these interview shots with hand-held camera work that brings the viewer to his level. Emily Payton put the final touches on everything in the editing bay, giving us a clean final product.

We didn’t have to travel far to shoot this one, as the ECG headquarters is in Atlanta as well – and we agree that it’s a special place! We had a great time collaborating with Populace Group once again on this project.
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