James Patterson | 18th Abduction – Claire Washburn Character Intro

Medical examiner Claire Washburn analyzes a recently found corpse.

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Women’s Murder Club is back with a bang!

Anyone familiar with the Women’s Murder Club series knows ace medical examiner, Claire Washburn. Claire handles her business with kindness, care, and efficiency. This spot perfectly portrays both Claire’s unwavering analytical eye as well as the empathetic, softer aspect of her nature.

DP Trey Gregory used an extreme wide shot to establish a cold, lonely setting. But, then, we switched to macro closeups as Claire does her analysis and relays her findings to her friend and colleague, Lindsay Boxer. It’s a breathtaking sequence that features some seriously cinematic shots. The starkness of Claire’s exam table against the infinite black background is simple lighting perfection.

Our fearless Emily Payton graduated from a corpse on cold pavement in Lindsay Boxer’s nighttime investigation. Now, rocking a downright chilling makeup job from Muriel Lee, she’s a corpse on a frigid metal slab. Meanwhile, Claire looks for clues to track down her killer. As if that wasn’t enough, Emily also edited this spot, dealing with most editors’ worst nightmare: seeing themselves on camera. We’re glad she did, though, because this spot is as meticulous and precise as Claire herself!

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