James Patterson – The Chef (Recipe Video: Grillades)

Recipe Video for James Patterson’s book, The Chef

Bringing both the savory and the sinister to recipe videos

It’s no secret that we’ve produced our fair share of recipe videos in the past. However, where most cooking content aims for informative and straightforward, these videos took a different path. As part of promotional series for James Patterson’s hit book, The Chef, we wanted to produce a recipe video with some menace behind it. Equal parts mouth-watering and shoulders-tensing, these videos needed to have some bite.

As such, we enlisted the help of local Executive Chef, Joseph Wirt, to play the titular role of The Chef. From there, first-time Director and all-time foodie Cameron Shaw led our crew through a long day of tasty shots and moody lighting.

Keeping with New Orleans-based setting in the book, each of our recipes focused on renowned Cajun or Creole dishes. In this spot, we put some delicious steak on the chopping block to whip up some Grillades. The result is truly a feast for the eyes!




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