James Patterson – The Cornwalls Are Gone (Go Bag Teaser)

Book Teaser Trailer for James Patterson’s thriller, The Cornwalls Are Gone

Ever wonder what an Intelligence Officer would put in their Go Bag?

If you’ve ever read a James Patterson book before, you know that suspense is the author’s hallmark skill. From Alex Cross to The Woman’s Murder Club series, Patterson has a penchant for building tension. Well, the same could be said for this “Go Bag” teaser trailer we made for his latest book, The Cornwalls Are Gone.

Near the book’s beginning, heroine Amy Cornwall has to throw together a “Go Bag” after finding her home ransacked. We took that moment in the novel and ran with it for this spot. Shot from a bird’s eye view on our Blackmagic 4K Production camera, we give audiences an intense view of Captain Cornwall’s frantic bag packing. The always reliable Collin Ingram whipped up our awesome overhead rig, and the usually editing bay-bound Kelsey Merriam lent us her hand modeling skills.

The results, as you’d imagine, were…thrilling.

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Branded Content

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