James Patterson | Katt vs. Dogg – Don’t Trust Dogs

Don’t trust dogs who tear up your living room.

The battle for feline supremacy rages against callous canines

Cats cast aside their trademark indifference in this political attack ad towards their oldest foe: Dogs. We love all animals here at ECG, but writing this spot forced us to get inside the heads of the world’s most enigmatic creatures. In James Patterson’s middle-grade novel, Katt vs. Dogg, the age-old adversaries aim to settle the debate over cat-dog hierarchy, once and for all. And how do you win that argument? Capture the hearts and minds of the people!

To start, part of our amazing illustrating team hand-drew all the art for the spot. The cats are elegant, innocent, and in control, while the dogs are appropriately buffoonish and disorganized. Meanwhile, our in-house voiceover talent got to have some serious fun. In what may be the role of a lifetime, Emily Payton breathed life into the Spokescat. It’s a turn worthy of an Oscar. Or, maybe a Paw-scar?

Fur real, though, this is a piece of content so many of us can be proud of. What’s more, it’s for kids! Being a part of JP’s efforts to get young people reading is awesome for us. Like a bowl of warm milk, or afternoon nap in the sun, this spot is just about purr-fect.




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