James Patterson | Katt vs. Dogg – Can’t Trust Cats

James Patterson gets “political” in this farcical attack at some felonious felines

James Patterson is a prolific writer of dozens and dozens of thrillers. But as it turns out, some of his best work is actually for kids! He publishes tons of great middle-grade and YA titles under his  “Jimmy” brand umbrella, including the hilarious and exciting, Katt vs. Dogg. Cats and dogs have long been at odds. But, in this political attack ad, dogs are finally baring their teeth at their rivals.

We scripted the ad–as well as a response from cats–and the finished product really sets our tails a-waggin’. It’s cute, funny, and above all, persuasive! I mean, what is up with that litter box?!

Oh, sorry. Got a little caught up in the propaganda there.

In addition to the comedic talents of the writing team, the spot also features the hand-drawn artwork of Anneli Brown. She studied animal movement in animated classics like Scooby Doo and The Aristocats, in order to really nail the look. Trey Gregory, whose usually-dulcet tones took a back seat to some real voice acting, provided the authoritative voice of the Spokesdog. His tone perfectly strikes the balance between playful and commanding, just as a driven canine politician’s should be!

The success of any project is rewarding, but we get an extra kick out of making kids laugh. And what’s doubly cool about this is that we’re doing it in the name of reading! James Patterson has made it his mission to get everyone to read more; kids, adults, and everyone in between. We love being a part of that process, and a video like this makes us happier than a game of fetch!




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