James Patterson | The Inn – Book Promo

This chilling book trailer takes you Inn-side the secret lives of some shady characters.

Shot on location in Gloucester, Massachusetts, this commercial trailer we made for James Patterson’s thriller, The Inn, is near-Bates Motel-ian levels of creepy. ECG’s dynamic trio of Partners made the trip up North themselves. Working with old Boston connections, they rocked out a weekend shoot that featured Jason Sirotin directing, Trey Gregory as DP, and Jason Marraccini filling the role of on-site Producer.

The book itself deals with real world issues such as gang violence and the opioid epidemic. As such, we knew we shouldn’t pull any punches. Our goal was to evoke a town rife with corruption and ill-intent. From the first shot of the spot, it’s clear that all is not well in this sleepy New England port. It’s the perfect place for the novel’s protagonist, retired Boston detective Bill Robinson, to clean up. All while maintaining his business as a local innkeeper. 

With a ton of footage in the can, the crew returned home to tackle post-production. In the spot, video editor Kelsey Cherney strikes a deft balance between a frenzy subtler, more unsettling pauses. The dingy atmosphere and neon accents of the inn gave colorist, Jenn Lee, C.S.I, V.E.S, a lot to play with. And, of course, Joe DiCosola brought the spot to life with some inventive sound design. And, on that subject, make sure you listen for Kelsey in the mix! She’s long held a talent for voiceover, lending her voice to countless commercials, animated explainers, and docs. This project gave her a chance to prove she’s got acting skills, too!




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