Making Memorable Commercials Like These


There are so many famous Memorable commercials out there. You know them, because everyone knows them. They stand the test of time. Even a reference made to famous commercials decades after they go off the air isn’t considered obscure.

A famous commercial is one you’ll never forget, and here are our favorites:

“Where’s the Beef?”


A catchy tagline

It was 1984 and one simple tagline put fast food on our brains forever. 

Wendy’s memorable commercials got so stuck in our heads the phrase is now one people use in everyday life. They might not be talking about the beef in their hamburger, but the iconic phrase is now synonymous with anything that’s left lacking.

The commercial did more for fast food advertising than creating a marketing winner one-off. This famous commercial put fast food into pop culture and changed the trajectory of Wendy’s place in the industry. The year after the commercial aired, they pulled in record sales.

“How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”


A memorable animation

Aired in 1968, this famous commercial stood the test of time to a point it got recycled into newer commercials in the years that followed. It also asked a famous question, although it was the animation that went with it that really put the commercial into one’s memory.

We never get a real answer. “Three” was not a satisfactory response, but the animals the little boy goes to ask took the question to an entirely new level.

The exchange between the owl and boy is so memorable. The owl’s mortarboard hat. The sad look on the boy’s face when he loses his Tootsie Pop to the owl. The animation makes the commercial.



 A little bit of silly

Beer brands have been known for making famous commercials. Most of them pop up during Super Bowl Sundays and have the kind of staying power all advertisers hope to get. A particularly successful one had just the right amount of silly.

This gem of a Budweiser commercial got its inspiration from a short film that had a group of friends using this original greeting when they’d meet up. Budweiser took the phrase, added in a little football, and some dudes talking on the phone. What happened was a commercial you’ll never forget.

The impact of this famous commercial is apparent across popular culture today. Spoofs of it have made it into movies and people today still toss it out in conversation, it’s a phrase that’s here to stay. Who would’ve thought.

“The Most Interesting Man in the World”


A polarizing character 

If it’s not always a phrase that makes a commercial achieve famous status, it’s sometimes a character, and there’s no better representation of this than this! 

Another beer brand makes a famous commercial that spun off like crazy with the introduction of Dos Equis’s most interesting man. He may not always drink beer, but when he does, we all know what brand he prefers. 

Making his appearance in 2007, this character immediacy skyrocketed. The commercial had a huge impact on the brand, making it one of the fastest-growing beers in the U.S. The success of the commercial led to prequels, sequels, and a huge number of memes.

“Hey Kool-Aid!”


A big entrance

This entrance became so connected to the brand that there are too many commercials with this memorable character to count. Not only do you know who I’m talking about when I say the phrase, “Oh yeah!,” but the visual of the giant Kool-Aid Man bursting through a wall immediately comes to mind. He’s here to save you from thirst.

Creating a character that could essentially get away with anything was a stroke of genius for Kool-Aid. This oversized pitcher not only brought the refreshments, but he never got in trouble for smashing through walls and jumping through ceilings. He could do no wrong, and quenched your thirst in the process.

This compilation truly illustrates how timeless the right character can be when used in not just one famous commercial, but a series that spans decades.

“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz….”


A song you can’t forget

We’ve shared famous commercials whose notoriety is thanks to both phrases and characters, but then there are those with the right song. They’re the type that get stuck in your head, just like a favorite tune on the radio, only it’s not anything you’re going to hear in a club; it’s a jingle done right.

Can you finish the tune? If you found yourself singing, “oh what a relief it is,” you’ve got the Alka-Seltzer commercial down.

More than just a successful song, the commercial itself used a catchy jingle to convey a very specific message. Two plops, two fizzes — it takes two tabs of Alka-Seltzer for instant relief. Now everyone could sing their way to the proper dose for quick relief, and you get a song you’d never forget as a bonus.

"Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar!"


A song you can’t help but sing 

This song isn’t instructional, but once it’s in your head it sure does like to stick around. Not only will it make your hungry, but it will keep you humming along! 

All of a sudden, a Kit Kat was the candy bar to crave. It made this famous commercial one of the most memorable in candy until Bart Simpson came along and told you to keep your fingers off his Butterfinger.

A timeless classic, you’ll most likely keep singing this tune forever, especially during holidays where candy sales really ramp up.

“Meow, meow, meow, meow”


A featured animal

Even better than a catchy tune is one sung by animals. We love it. The cuteness is almost too much. Especially when the famous commercial transforms animal speak into the song itself, and you end up with a bunch of cats asking for their food by name. 

Of course, you have to say the ‘meow’s’ just right to get the Meow Mix jingle perfect, but you’ll never forget it’s the one cat food brand your cats are actually “asking for.”

This was a perfect combination of commercial jingle, tagline, and character. It’s also one of those timeless famous commercials that everyone has seen and remembers; even if they don’t own a cat. From an advertising perspective, it’s perfect.

We’ll make you famous!

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