My Weird Obsession with Bhad Bhabie

Danielle Bregoli's Bhad Bhabie wearing a red zip up sweat shirt.
Ever go down the rabbit hole of music videos and discover someone totally new? I did it, and here’s how I ended up strangely obsessed with Bhad Bhabie.

Is it okay for me to listen to and watch Bhad Bhabie videos or am I part of everything that’s wrong with America?

Bhad Bhabie leans against a wall looking down.

An organic obsession with Bhad Bhabie

My weird obsession with Bhad Bhabie started very organically. I was working late, as I always do, and decided to see what the youth of the world were watching. So I went on over to YouTube to look at the popular and trending videos.

As a music video director, I’m always interested to see new music videos. I saw a thumbnail of a young girl in an electric chair with a description that read, “Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE ‘Hi Bich / Whachu Know’ (Official Music Video)”

Danielle Bregoli - Bhad Bhabie (YouTube thumbnail)

Who the fuck is Danielle Bregoli?

The first thing that came to my head was, “Who the fuck is Danielle Bregoli?” and “Why don’t I know who Danielle Bregoli is?” I quickly followed up by fumbling through the pronunciation of her character’s name, Bhad Bhabie.

I clicked on the video and saw the below. Watch this before you continue reading.

I was intrigued by her and the music almost immediately. The production quality of the music was good (I liked the beats) and sometimes I even found her poetic. I say sometimes because there are a couple awkward lines but some riffs I thought were cool. No idea what she’s talking about but I like it…

“I do not sniff it or roll it
It do not drip when I pour it
I do not run, I reload it
I do not save it, I throw it”

As I rewatch the video, more and more questions start filling my brain. I look up “danielle bregoli label” on Google to see if she is signed.

Google search result for "danielle bregoli label."

Then Google tells me it’s Atlantic Records. I’m more curious now. I must visit Wikipedia.

Tell me it’s not true Wikipedia!

Bhad Bhabie Wikipedia page

However, it is here on Wikipedia that I become obsessed with understanding who and what Bhad Bhabie is.

Within seconds I learn that Danielle Bregoli is not only just FOURTEEN YEARS OLD but she’s mainly world famous because of an internet meme from the Dr. Phil Show!!!! She is known as the “Cash Me Ousside Girl.”

At this point, some of you are going… How did he not know about the “Cash Me Ousside Girl”? This is a clear sign that I am aging. For all the people who are not “in the know,” this is the origins of the “Cash Me Ousside Girl.”

At this point, I am in shock. I watch the video again and then explore another music video entitled, “These Heaux.”

So, now I’m a little disturbed and upset… that I like the song. Secondly, I think it’s crazy that there’s this fourteen-year-old girl rapping about some seriously explicit shit! It’s really creepy, but I need to learn more. I must understand Bhad Bhabie.

Five seconds later I get my fix. I find out that Spirit Airlines recently banned Bhad Bhabie for life! At first, this makes me really like her, because I can’t stand Spirit Airlines. Then I land on this video and see the truth.

Wow. That was nuts. Now I really dislike Bhad Bhabie. I feel gross.

But not gross enough, because before bed I loaded all three of her singles into my current playlist.

Three latest Bhad Bhabie songs on Jason Sirotin's current playlist

As I brush my teeth I am in utter shock. I feel like I just went on an exhilarating ride, uncovering something unusual and magical. I am excited to share it with my co-workers. So, I send out this slack.

Bhad Bhabie opinions in Slack messages

The debate in my head swells!

I wake up the next day and the first thing in my mind is Bhad Bhabie. So many questions!!!

Atlantic signed her to a multi-album contract and her first single was #77 on the Billboard Hot 100. Who decided to sign her at Atlantic and how did they make the decision? Do they think she is a musical genius/lyricist or are they cashing in on a meme? There are tons of people with memes but not many of them get a deal with Atlantic.

We work with MattyB on occasion and his videos get way more views than hers do and have for years! I don’t see him with a major record deal. There must be more to this than just a social media following right? (Atlantic Records feel free to leave a comment.)

Drinking my coffee as I mentally debate her lyrics.

Compared to other rappers, her lyrics are pretty mild. Some artists get very, very explicit. I listen to those artists regularly and don’t think twice when they’re spittin’ bars, but her lyrics make me feel weird.

Is it because she’s a fourteen-year-old girl? What if it was a fourteen-year-old boy? Would I feel the same way?

I debate for a while about whether I am sexist or not. Eventually, I come to the conclusion that I am sexist in some ways. I feel sad for her. I would not feel sad for a fourteen-year-old boy rapping about the things she is rapping about. That’s sexism, right?

The fact that I really don’t understand what sexism is doesn’t help, but I know that there is something meaningful happening in this discovery. I’m at least being conscious of the feelings.

Damn you Bhad Bhabie for making me think about deep shit!

Riding along with “These Heaux”

I get in my car, and I can’t resist. I MUST play all three of her tracks as loud as I can with the windows down through Roswell, Georgia at 8:25 AM. Starting us off: “These Heaux.”

I really like the beat, but it’s hard to forget that she is only fourteen. The thought keeps creeping in, but I keep getting past it. Most likely it’s because the beat is solid and the hook is catchy.

There’s something special about her. I think it’s the same thing that people were attracted to on Dr. Phil and the internet. She is pure emotion. I think that’s why, with the help of good producers, she releases music that connects.

Whether it’s the underlying sadness she has deep down, the anger, or just the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, it works with the music. I listen to the other tracks a few times before getting to the office.

Can we cut Bhad Bhabie some slack?

A sample of my co-workers’ responses to my slack:

“Did you guys see the slack?” “You mean the Cash me Outside Girl one? Yeah, she sucks. She’s everything that’s wrong with America.”

Damn, poor Bhad Bhabie. Is she really everything that is wrong with America?!

Next opinion: “She’s stupid.” “Ugh, she’s horrible.” “You like the Cash Me Ousside Girl?”

I wasn’t asking them about her I was asking them about the music. My first interaction was music. Theirs was an internet meme. Was that the disconnect? There’s artistic value here, right? I think so. I’m so conflicted.

She seems like she might be a bad person, but really I don’t know much about her. What if all we have seen is her on her worst days? She’s fourteen; doesn’t she deserve a chance? Shit…She’s FOURTEEN! She’s a kid. 

Do you all see why I am so confused?


I set out to determine if it’s okay for me to listen to Bhad Bhabie music and watch her videos. Does that mean that am part of everything that’s wrong with America? But now, I’m just really confused. I’m curious what other people think.

In the end, I’ll listen to whatever I want. If I like it… I’ll listen or watch and if I don’t… I won’t. If you gotta problem with that cash me ousside. CASH ME OUSSIDE!

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  1. The only weird thing about this is that you’re a grown-ass man and this is a 14 year old. It’s disgusting. Why are you openly admitting this? very strange.

    1. Billy, thanks for “reading” the blog. There is nothing sexual about my interest in this performer/internet meme. I am fascinated by her (Bhad Bhabie) as a human being and as an “artist”. Several times in the article I mention how disturbed I am by the nature of her lyrics because she is a 14-year-old-girl. I understand that you read the headline and assumed that the word obsession was sexual in nature. My suggestion going forward would be to read the entire article before commenting on it. Thanks for your “readership”!

  2. Billy Jean,

    The only weird thing is what? Say what?

    The post says, “As a music video director, I’m always interested to see new music videos.”

    I think a music video director’s job largely involves having to understand new (as well as older) concepts as the industry changes and grows and picks up new trends. This applies to many things including understanding new talent. Isn’t staying up to date with what’s out there and trying to understand it kind of expected from a professional music video director? Anyway…

    Jason says that “the beat is solid and the hook is catchy” but he’s also trying to understand the concept and promotion approach that got her a “multi-album contract” BEFORE she could drive, let alone speak intelligibly… She still can’t do either! Maybe it’s all an act. I don’t know.

    I presume when you spend 20 years in the industry promoting people and you see and hear something like this, you have a natural response to wonder,

    “Who decided to sign her at Atlantic and how did they make the decision? Do they think she is a musical genius/lyricist or are they cashing in on a meme? There are tons of people with memes but not many of them get a deal with Atlantic.”

    Talent OUSSIDE (get it?), I see a similarity between this girl and Justin Bieber circa 2008. Both got popular via some form of self-promotion on YouTube. I think Bieber was 14 at the time as well but, personally, I feel that he earned the attention and has a tremendous amount of talent.

    Opinions OUSSIDE, if you were a music video director in 2008, and you saw this explosion of attention on a new talent, wouldn’t you be curious as well? It’s a music video director’s JOB to know what’s going on and to keep up with not only WHO is popular but also keep up with HOW to best promote that TALENT.

    Imagine if every music video director worked this hard for you! As the newfound saying goes, “CASH ME OUSSIDE!” Just kidding. Try to spend more time reading the article and pondering the lyrics and beats than you do just watching the videos. 😉 I still don’t get it but she’s the one signed to a multi-album contract and something tells me she’s not hurting for cash anymore.

  3. ECG fan, it’s pretty pathetic how much time you put into that response. Hit me up with TLDR so I don’t have to waste my time reading this shit.

  4. Billy Jean,

    We’re pondering and discussing current music video and artistic concepts and choices within the industry. We’re trying to infer what helps propel new artists forward. Talent aside. 😉

    What got her this multi-album deal? I’ve admitted I don’t know. She’s not making the beats. I don’t know who’s writing the lyrics. We’re discussing this and trying to understand it all. This adds value to the conversation. I challenge you to add one piece (or more) of value to this conversation. Give it a try. Come on, man. You can do it! 🙂

    What about this persona should earn her a multi-album deal? The shock factor will wear off as it always does and I don’t see it lasting long term. What do YOU think? Please try to add something that moves your opinion forward because I don’t see how you are contributing any value to this conversation.

  5. Hey Billy Jean, she sold out her concerts in every city. Whether you like her or not she’s a thing and I don’t think she is going anywhere anytime soon.My hope is she handles the fame and the money without destroying herself like so many other young stars have.

  6. Since she didn’t release a debut album yet, she shouldn’t have an article on the Other Concordance.

  7. This TOTALLY reminds me of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” from 2011 ( 7 years later she’s making “Missing Kitty” videos trying to find her cat (

    Catchy BEAT but makes me wonder where Bhad Bhabie will be in 7 years… probably hanging out with Kreayshawn and BILLY JEAN!!! HAHAHA… That’s right, Billy Jean! Another crazy artist trying to get off the ground making $500 music videos. Are you her producer? What’s up with the negativ press, man!? Hahaha…

    They need to hire the pros at ECG and stop hating on the people trying to do it right and improve the ART and BUSINESS! What are you doing anyway? Where you at? You in LA?

  8. This girl only 14 and she’s rapping this explicit lyrics and is getting away with it and it’s mind blowing to me. When did we as society start allowing this? Why hasn’t child protective services been on her case? She also exploiting her body in these videos mind you but is ok because she’s making money off of all this? Yes Justin Bieber go famous at the same age but he was not being explicit and vile in any way so you can not compare these two. She’s setting a bar low and kids are now believing that’s it’s good to be like this. Check out Lil Tay who is only 9 and now she’s following Danielle’s foot steps. We as adults have to step up and say no to these children. Otherwise what’s next toddlers acting like gangsters just to make a buck, come on now.

  9. I agree with everything you wrote
    I love Bhad Bhabie and I’m proud to say it
    Before I discovered her I thought I just thought I was too cool to like things openly, but now I realize it’s BC I hadn’t found anything to be passionate about. I relate with her a lot and I am just so happy watching her videos and remembering being 14 and even dwelling on my 25 Year old angst . She’s like therapy, drugs and daydreams all rolled up into a role model for me, I’m ten years older than her but she’s the one showing me “u better than drugs”, “you better than this dude “, “don’t cry over a bitch psh for what?!!” Honestly I think she’s changed my mfkn life.

  10. Bhadbhabie use to be so hot when she was 14. Natural girl next door looks with big jugs mmmmmmm tasty. Now she is 18, but sadly she gave in to the pressure and got work done on her face and body🤮 she and malu both ruined themselves for no reason at all🤮 they were both so sexy and perfect when they were 13-17. So sad.

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