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Music Video Production

Music & video go together so naturally, it’s hard to imagine a time before music videos. Combining the pure joy of music with awe-inspiring visuals is something that’s both powerful and just down right cool. From Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” to The White Stripes’ “Fell In Love With a Girl,” to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” music videos are amazing when done right. Lucky for you, our team here at ECG is full of experienced, passionate experts who know how to take your music video to the next level.

Vibrant music video backdrop and two dancers

At ECG, we don’t just make music videos: we love music videos. We keep our fingers to the pulse of current trends and styles of music videos, always on the lookout for the next great idea. And once we have our concept, there’s no stopping us.

Our decade plus of experience, knack for creative concepts, and penchant for stunning visuals makes us a cut above the rest. ECG consistently produces winning music videos, year in and year out. Period.

Musician lifts guitar surrounded by smoke.

No matter if you’re a newcomer, a seasoned veteran, a group with a small budget, or a singer with money to spend, ECG has your back in the music video game. We understand that musical acts–and their budgets–come in all shapes and sizes, and we cater to your needs and finances.

However, as a premiere music video team, we’re selective about the acts that we work with. We need to connect with your music; we need to innately feel the stirrings of emotion that will lead to a great video. Once we have that, all your music video dreams will become reality.

Concert fans use phones to record music videos.

Whether you want the next hyped-up performance piece or a high concept mini-film that offers audiences 5 minutes of escapism, ECG will make your music video a hit. Your music–your art–deserves a great visual to accompany it.

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