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Pre-game parking will never be the same

That’s the idea behind this light-hearted tale of two sports fans, each trying to find parking for “the big game.” The difference? Parkmobile, of course. Casting isn’t usually a focus for a video, but producer/wizard, Mary Winter, got us some awesome talent for this shoot, and Director Jordan Nowlin brought out the best in them. After all, how many directors can get someone to hit a cornhole shot on queue?

From raucous tailgating to palpable frustration, this spot has a ton of energy and it’s just plain fun. But, the real heroes of the post-production process were animators Trey Gregory and David Hixon, as well as colorist Jenn Lee, all of whom teamed up to composite an actual stadium into the background of our opening shot. 

Compositing is a complex process. It’s really easy to make things look… bad. It takes dedication to the effect from its conception in the script, straight through to finishing in post. That means sourcing a location for the shoot that will work for that specific shot. It means carefully composing the shot itself (that takes a DP with a deep knowledge and understanding of FX-based shots!). Once the shoot is over, the post team does extensive motion-tracking and color correction in order to make the stadium look like it’s really there.

Pulling off a spot like this takes time and seamless communication across departments. Without that stuff, well, you end up with the video-equivalent of parking without Parkmobile. Of course, our team did it with ease and efficiency, delivering an MVP performance in the clutch!

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