Mary Winter

Mary Winter

As a producer with ECG Productions, Mary Winter is always working to make each production run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. She enjoys taking on projects that allow her to find creative solutions and projects that allow her to help create a beautiful, diverse, and genuine final product. Does your project sound impossible? She’ll probably love making it come to life. There is no typical workday for Mary, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. In any given moment you may find Mary coordinating with locations, scheduling client meetings, hiring the perfect actors, coordinating gear rentals, or applying for permits. Among the many things Mary does in a day, she gets to spend time researching the beautiful and interesting locations available in the Atlanta area and around the country. She has been known to do voiceovers when she can, and has an extensive background in vocal performance and diction. Mary enjoys such rip-roaring activities as compiling spreadsheets and watching cleaning videos on YouTube. Outside of work, Mary is known for her many craft hobbies and she runs a blog about knitting where she reminds her readers not to take life too seriously. She loves podcasts and has even hosted a couple. Mary dreams of one day owning a small farm where her family and friends can live while she raises sheep for wool.

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