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    Mary Winter


    Born and raised in Astoria, NY, Mary had an early appreciation for the performing arts. From a young age she had the urge to learn every musical instrument she touched. After graduating from the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Mary pursued her love of music by earning her bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre and Production from the State University of New York at Cortland.  After college, Mary followed her dreams to California, where she experimented with music in the Berkeley area. Upon returning to the east coast, Mary landed in Atlanta and quickly became a part of the ECG Productions team.
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    9 Ways to give the best voice-over performance. There are a lot of people who claim that they would make a great voice-over artist. And, with the drastic variations in voice-over needs nowadays, they could very well be right. There are a few things that are true for all voice-over...
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    Creative and Organized. It’s possible to be both. I hear it almost every day. People “need creative chaos” or say, “I’m a creative, so I’m just not great at organization.” It's a common sentiment, and I used to say the same thing. Then a friend of mine mentioned that organization is...
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    The pitch seems simple enough: “Film a shocking video that hits the emotions of online viewers. Get it to go viral. Watch as online outrage ensues. Release a second video that shows that the original was staged to highlight the cause you support.”   This may not stand out as anything...
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    When it comes to making this entire production team run I have a few favorite tools that I use every day.  In no way is this a full list of everything I use, but it contains my primary go-to tools that keep me organized and ready to tackle my long...
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    Winter is a great time of year for filming, and though Atlanta is often dubbed the Hollywood of the South, Atlanta does experience winter and temperatures fall below freezing. Knowing what to expect and coming prepared will make your production go smoother and will go a long way to keep...
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    If you’ve been on the Internet recently you’ve probably seen your fair share of click bait articles about nostalgic trips down memory lane with “10 things you wish you kept from your childhood” or “15 Things They Got Rid of in the 90’s.” Trending once again This nostalgia trend has...