Product Video

There are few projects that encompass the art of video production so succinctly as a good ol’ product video. If you can nail a product video, you can pretty much apply that production know-how to any other video. Lighting something like an oven seems like a simple task, but it’s true that mastering what seems like the simplest thing takes the most experience and knowledge. We like to think we’re masters of the product video at this point, but that’s not to say we don’t still love shooting them. We’ve gotta stay on top of our game, and these are the perfect videos to do that with.

Product Video Portfolio

Video thumbnail for product demo video.

Halyard | Aero Chrome

The best video production projects often get a little gross. Check out the product video for the Aero Chrome surgical gown by Halyard to see what we mean.

Uprite Ergo Office Scene

Uprite Ergo | Product Video Production

With some creative editing and smart camera work, we produced this great product video for Uprite Ergo. It’s content that just makes you sit/stand a little taller.