Uprite Ergo | Product Video Production

At ECG Productions we always enjoy the opportunity to bring multiple and varied skill sets together in a single project. In the case of this piece for Uprite Ergo, we used a combination of live action studio production, animation, and creative editing to bring the concept to life.

Uprite Ergo Office Scene

The live portion of the video features founder John Mosher talking about the product and his company, as well as live demos of the functionality. After wrap, ECG animator Chad Cox used Autodesk Maya to create a fully 3D version of the product so that the viewer can travel around it and view it from multiple angles.

Editor Jenn Lee then integrated both the live footage and the animation assets, as well as adding news report footage in order to further drive home the many reasons that this product is needed. The final step after picture lock was a comprehensive color grade to give the entire spot a unified look and feel.

Client: Uprite Ergo | ProfileCommercial




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