Home Diagnosis | Ep. 6 – Atlantic City, NJ

In this episode of Home Diagnosis, home performance experts Grace & Corbett delved into a devilish DIY domicile!

Ah, Atlantic City. Turns out there’s more to it than casinos and mafia-centric Springsteen songs! It’s also the sixth and final stop on the Tiny Lab’s tour of the country. On the way, Grace & Corbett Lunsford used local video crews and their own know-how to shoot their adventures in some of America’s wackiest homes. None were wackier than this one, which is how it became one of our favorites!

When the Lunsfords settled with their newly-captured footage in Atlanta, they came to us to turn their testing into television. That meant writing scripts, shooting, editing, and trafficking for six episodes of Home Diagnosis! Naturally, our entire team attacked the task wholeheartedly.

Leading the charge were Assistant Editor/Story Producer Cameron Shaw, and Lead Editor, Emily Payton. Cameron sorted through every minute of the footage Grace and Corbett provided, then pulled selects and developed a road map to complete each episode. Once we wrapped shooting, Emily crafted each science-filled episode! Her challenge was two-fold: maintain an entertaining pace and work around the limitations of the original footage. 

You can see both Cam and Emily’s work clearly represented here, augmented by custom 3D animated graphics from Lead Animator Trey Gregory. There’s also a killer color grade from Jenn Lee, CSI, and a miraculous mix from audio engineer Joe DiCosola. Both overcame enormous challenges to make this show happen!

Taking a cool concept and turning it into a fully-fledged final product is what we’re all about! It’s challenging, but fun, and endlessly rewarding.




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