Podcast Recording: The Top 3 Tips For An Efficient Session

There are currently over two million podcasts available to listeners, and that’s because podcast recording is a great way to communicate. 


From hour-long interviews to books read aloud to scripted serials and commentary on current events, having your own podcast is an effective way to promote your own brand, tell your own story, and express yourself.


Whether crafting a podcast professionally or doing something a little more casual with friends, whether you’re an experienced podcaster or just starting out, the quality of your podcast recording is what can set you apart.

Keeping unwanted sound out

The first thing you need when it comes to podcast recording is the right space.


You want somewhere quiet, where there’s no risk of outside noise or interruptions. A studio space is best since they’re usually sound-proof and fully enclosed. You can sit in the space with your co-hosts and guests without fear of background noise dampening your conversation.


Even if your guests are coming through over digital, it’s best for you to be in a studio. That way, you can ensure their voice comes in clearer. You’re in a room designed to pick up sound after all.

podcast recording

Using the right equipment

Another must-have when it comes to podcast recording is the right equipment. 

This means more than a good microphone, although that’s very important. You want a mic that’s going to grab your voice, but filter out extraneous sound. You want a mic that’s easy to reposition as well, so how it’s set up is important. If you can’t maneuver the microphone during the podcast without a lot of noise and interruption, you’re using the wrong one.

Professional Audio Post-Production Sound

Other necessary equipment includes good headphones so you can hear the quality of everyone’s voice throughout the podcast. This makes sure your listener will have a good experience too. You’ll also need good recording equipment. Ideally, you want to be able to record your podcast in a way that’s easy to edit on-the-spot, allowing you to complete the episode in one swoop. You should also be able to push it live immediately as well.

Finding knowledgeable producers

The other essential element to a superior podcast recording is the right producer.

This is someone who knows not only how all the technical components work, but can advise you during the editing process. They’ll help you identify natural breaks where, hopefully, you’ll insert commercials. They’ll also make sure your final recordings are properly coded for the platform where your podcast lives.


Having the right producer gives you a go-to person when there’s any questions about your podcast. It provides a safety net that, when combined with the right space and equipment, make for a perfect podcast recording.

ECG offers ideal podcast recording spaces

With a superior audio department, ECG offers dedicated space for podcasters to use to record their content.

Our podcast recording studios are truly plug & play, with broadcast quality mics, arms, headphones, sound proofing and an easy-to-use recording interface. Our set-up is ideal for engaging conversation and comfortably seats up to four participants plus a recording engineer

Should you need some professional help for your podcast recording, ECG has the right experience to assist. We’ve produced multiple podcast series ourselves, as well as countless episodes and on-offs for clients, colleagues, and friends. To learn more about how we can help you with your podcast, contact ECG today.

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