TV Commercials: 7 Actionable Elements Of Profound Content

TV Commercials
TV Commercials that truly stand out aren’t the same today as they were a decade ago.

There’s more finesse, more effort put into producing them than ever before.There’s not even always a Distinction between looking at good TV commercials, and watching a show or movie.

The key components in TV Commercials

Prioritizing those elements that make a TV commercial great, you’d find story at the top.

Today’s commercials have to tell a story, even a short one. They also need to develop a simple, on-brand message, and present themselves in a quality way. It’s a lot, but when it comes together right, it works.

Solid Story Telling

You know those commercials where you find yourself a little watery-eyed at the end? Even if it’s just a family sitting down to a holiday dinner, or a grandparent hugging their grandchild, those are the TV commercials telling a good story. That’s because a good story makes you feel something.

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You don’t have to shed tears, but there should be some level of empathy resulting from your TV commercial. It could compel your audience to feel hungry, scared, excited, or some other basic emotion. This empathy is the subtle call-to-action of a TV commercial. It’s a connection between the audience to your brand. You’re encouraging them to identify with it through their feelings, rather than telling them to go out and buy X, or look into using service Y. It’s a tactic that works.

TV Commercials

Basic Branding in TV Commercials

Within this compelling, 30-second story, you’ve also got to clearly convey your brand. A commercial’s sentiment is great, but it’s worthless if your audience doesn’t know who to feel it about. Make sure your brand’s name, logo, and/or product make it into the TV commercial more than once. Don’t wait for a final glamour shot, promote yourself early and often.

Exude excellence

Even with only enough time to craft a very simple message, you need to maintain a certain level of quality within your TV commercial. This doesn’t translate to spending a ton of money on production, but rather utilizing professionals to give you that polished look no matter your budget.


Quality production value reflects positively on your brand. It shows you’re a polished, professional company without you having to say it about yourself. The lower the quality of your commercial, the more likely people will associate your brand with a lesser level of excellence.

Studio Video Production Cost Show as studio full of people

Get a gimmick

This isn’t always an essential element to a TV commercial, but it works again and again. If you know you want to produce a series of commercials, consider interweaving a signature theme or character throughout them all. This additional piece of recognition will spark an instant connection each time you put out a new spot or campaign.

Your gimmick, if done right, almost becomes synonymous with your brand, and that can help make your commercials more memorable. Think about what you remember from the television you’ve watched — the Kool-Aid pitcher shouting “Oh Yeah;” the Kit-Kat theme, “Give me a break, give me a break…”; the Snuggle teddy bear — these are all gimmicks that you will forever associate with the brand. They provide comfort and recognition.

The way TV commercials get produced

Touching on quality when it comes to TV commercials, it’s important to maintain it throughout the entire process. From the concept you create to the final piece you release, the way your commercial gets produced matters, and the best way to do it is with professionals.

The best advice in this area is to listen to what your production team tells you about your TV commercial. You may have ideas for how you want it to look, but they’ll take your vision and put it into the best context possible. This helps transform a simple TV commercial into something more akin to a short film. It adds the polish that will set you apart.

You can also consider adding in effects and other flourishes. This takes your commercial from a few actors talking to something entirely different. Anything goes since there’s no longer a formula for how a TV commercial should look. Use animation, graphics, and even special effects as long as they fit into your budget. Creative editing can really make your commercial stand out.

Don't Forget About Music

Touching on quality when it comes to TV commercial production, it’s important to maintain it throughout the entire process. From the concept you create to the final piece you release, the way your commercial gets produced matters, and the best way to do it is with professionals.

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Find the perfect production partner for your TV commercial

Now you know what to look for in a good TV commercial, and how to make sure yours fits the bill. The next step is to find the right production team to deliver what you need to make an impression in today’s marketplace. ECG Productions can help. As a full-service production company we’re able to assist at any and all stages of the process. From conceptualizing your commercial to filming to editing. We’ll share our expertise and industry knowledge every step of the way to deliver a superior product. Contact ECG today to learn more!

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  1. You made a great point when you said that it’ll be a good idea to get professionals to polish and refine your advertisement as much as possible. It would really show that you care for your product and give it that air of quality you would want your establishment to have. My husband and I are planning on starting a bar and grill here in our town featuring my family’s secret recipe as one of the main dishes. We want to spread word of our plans to as many people as possible to make sure we have a big grand opening once the place is all set up, so having a commercial is one of the ideas we had to do just that. I’ll be sure to look for some actors and a professional video production service in our area to work on our vid to ensure we get a top-notch commercial for our business.

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