3 Amazing Unit Production Management Tips To Stay Aligned

unit production management

Having solid Unit Production Management (UPM) means you’ve got a crew member on hand whose sole concern is to make the best video possible. No matter the type of production project you’re working on, whether it’s big or small — any piece of video content benefits from having a qualified Unit Production Manager on site.

Unit Production Management vs Line Producer

On smaller shoots, these two roles can actually be combined, or even sometimes share responsibilities, but they actually do different things. 


Where your Line Producer may make the plans, your Unit Production Manager keeps everyone on track. This includes everything from the project’s budget, to its filming schedules.



Both positions want to protect the budget, as well as the schedule. They both understand the importance of this task, however your Line Producer focuses more on setting the parameters during pre-production, and Unit Production Management keeps their eye on things during the actual making of the video content.



Think of your UPM as the chief administrator of any production project. He or she is on the ground, in the weeds, making sure everything gets done with minimal hiccups.

The Qualities of a Good UPM

A Unit Production Manager’s greatest skill is being able to think on their feet, using creativity and excellent problem solving skills to oversee both production and scheduling.


A good UPM spends most of their time on the phone, doing what’s necessary to keep production running smoothly. This means shifting resources around, reworking schedules, and putting out any fires between department heads. It’s all in the name of coming in on budget and on time.

It’s All About the Execution

No matter how many plans you make when it comes to a production project, the best way to keep everything on track is with Unit Production Management around. Their sole purpose is to get your project made in the most efficient way possible. They’re your biggest advocate on set because their mission is the same as yours. Even if you can’t be on set everyday, you’ll know things are going as smoothly as possible when you have a UPM in your corner.

Equipment and Materials

unit production management

There’s also a dotted line between each individual department and the UPM. Unit Production Managers will ensure everyone has the equipment and materials necessary to do their job each and every day. That means staying in close contact with department heads and making sure needs and budgets continue to align for success.

Find a Unit Production Team You Can Trust

Because this role is so vital to a production project, you definitely need to find a Unit Production Manager you can trust.

Someone who you’re confident is on the same page as you. ECG’s in-depth experience and deep understanding of the film industry means our crew excels at unit production management. 


We understand the ins and outs of video production at every level. Whether you’re working on a commercial, full-length feature, documentary, in-house video, or something else, we’ve been there and done that. Let us put our knowledge to work for you as your UPM. Contact ECG today to learn more.

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