An Approved Fixer Can Take Your Production From 0 to 100

When traveling to an unfamiliar location for production, particularly overseas, it’s a good idea to hire a fixer. This is someone who knows the city like the back of their hand, making it possible for you to seamlessly integrate your project into the local surroundings.


A fixer is integral to the pre-production process, but can also be quite useful on set. Make sure you take full advantage of their local knowledge and connections and set your production up for success.


What can a fixer do, you ask…well…

Location Scouting

There’s nothing like knowing a city really well to find the best locations to shoot. This is anything from exterior shots to the interior of someone’s home. Your fixer has you covered. Not only should they have the right connections to help you secure your wishlist of locations, but they’ll know a few spots off the beaten track that might work even better.


Since every city has different permitting rules when it comes to video production, it’s always easier to get a local to work the system for you. Your fixer will ensure you don’t forget a step when it comes to securing permits for filming, road closures, and more. They may even know the local cops which can make a police presence on set that much friendlier to your production.


One of the most stressful elements when it comes to coordinating all the details of an out-of- town production revolves around hotels and accommodations.

You need to know where it’s good to stay, and where to stay away from. You need to know what’s really close enough to your locations versus what’s actually an hour away. This is all information your fixer has already compiled for you since they know the city that well. Allow them to make accommodation recommendations that really work instead of guessing and hoping for the best.

Travel and Transportation

Getting around once you’re in the city, as well as getting to your filming location, can be a surprise challenge of a production. Especially if you’re arriving from another country, things can get tricky. Your fixer can help when it comes to customs, will know the best way to get around town, and should have connections that make it easier to rent cars or hire drivers. They’ll take the stress off your shoulders when it comes to details like these so you can focus on what’s really important, your project.

Let ECG Find You a Fixer

Every city is unique when it comes to locations, permits, accommodations, and transportation. Take the headache out of the process with the help of a fixer. They’ll calm the chaos of pre-production and keep you organized and on track. 


If you’re looking for a fixer, ECG can help. We have connections in a variety of cities across the country and can hook you up with an expert fixer just about anywhere. Our local knowledge can make it easier for you to get started in cities like:

And that’s just the beginning of our list. Tell us where you need a fixer and we can help. Contact ECG today to get the conversation started.

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