Audio Post-Production

Post-production may deal in the same sound-wave currency as production sound, but it really is a different beast altogether. The post sound team will do everything from building sound effects, foley, ADR, final mixing and mastering, and scoring. Basically, any gaps not captured by production sound will have to be added. And generally, production audio will have to be cleaned up and built out in post as well.

Foley and ADR

A classic mixing board, used in post production sound.

Sometimes, sound effects will have to be created from scratch for animated or CGI’d elements of a project. Of course, these have no production sound to be captured since they’re created in post. One classic, spectacular example is the dinosaur effects from the original Jurassic Park. In this case, the sound designers layered recordings of different animals to achieve the perfect feral dinosaur roars for the film.

ADR and foley both aim to fill in where production audio lacks. ADR is the process of recording lines of dialogue to be added in post production. Reasons for ADR range from crappy on-set audio to a line change or addition. (Note, ADR is not to be confused with voiceover, dialogue not synced to the picture.) Similarly, foley can fill out production sound effects. Foley artists record sound effects in a highly controlled studio environment while matching on-screen movements. The classic example is the foot step foley.

The End is “Hear”

Eventually, after many hours of post-production, we’ll reach something resembling an end point. Then, it’s time to record the film’s score. The composer will have written music according to a rough cut, or something along those lines, and will have generally tried to match the music to what’s happening in the film. Often the score will be recorded live while the film plays and the composer follows sync points in both the music and the picture.

Once that’s done, the final mixing and mastering begin. The idea is that every single piece of audio in the film will be placed perfectly in time with the picture and mixed and cleaned up and equalized and whatever else, and then each audio channel is bounced out, ready to be played through a speaker at a movie theater or through your phone or laptop. Obviously, this is an incredible simplification of a highly technical, labor-intensive and artistically challenging job.

Audio Post-Production Services

Too often overlooked, audio is a hugely important component to the video production process.  Great audio typically doesn’t draw attention to itself; it just works.  Bad audio, on the other hand, sticks out like a sore thumb and can derail an otherwise high-quality production right out of the gate.

At ECG Productions, we make sure our clients can rest easy knowing their audio starts from the highest quality recording and mixing processes on set, and then is painstakingly organized along with all the video assets before being sent on it’s merry way to the post team.

Or, as is sometimes the case, if you’ve come to us with your own assets, you may need us to clean things up a bit.  Either way, ECG Productions is ready to create audio content for you that’s every bit as compelling as the moving images it will accompany on the screen.

ECG Productions maintains an extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects.  If your production requires original music, our in-house composers are ready to create fresh new tracks to your exact specifications.  If you need a sound effect that isn’t in our library, we’re happy to schedule a foley session and create it for you from scratch.

We have a wide selection of in-house and partner voiceover talents of both sexes and all ages, able to deliver your script in English as well as a variety of other languages.

When it comes time to master your finished project, ECG Productions can provide you with the professional mixing solutions that best fit your end-user experience: from a simple stereo mix all the way up to Dolby Surround.

Learn more about individual post-production audio services below!

Audio Post-Production Services

Sound design is the process of creating and combining different sound elements to create the right audio needed and it’s a part of production we absolutely love. 


Find the right voice for your brand. We provide an extensive list of voice over professionals to choose from to find the exact tone you seek.


Among the last steps of post-production, sound mixing is the process of balancing, polishing and perfecting the audio. Read on to learn more about ECG’s  own sound mixer’s process! 


Foley. This is a fun one. The possibilities are endless when you need to recreate a sound effect, the only criteria is it’s gotta sound right on screen! 


For when the generic stuff just won’t do, let our in-house music composers take a crack at it. Learn more at the link below. 


Marlon Brando allegedly mumbled his dialogue on set so he could have the freedom to re-record in the ADR stage. we understand why! ADR is an extremely useful tool in video production. Learn more below. 


Our looping services, also known as group ADR (additional dialogue recording), can provide the sounds and lines you need to fully flesh out your world.

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