Looping (Group ADR)

Entertainment Creative Group maintains a full-featured audio recording studio on-site, capable of group looping sessions (in addition to standard voiceover recording and foley capabilities). Looping, also known as Group ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording), can provide the sounds and lines you need to fully flesh out your world in the edit.

On set, extras can’t talk or they’ll ruin the principle actors’ audio, but looping can provide the background conversations. Have scenes at a hospital or airport? A looping session can provide intercom announcements to create a realistic environment. Even the sound for a commercial or newscast seen on a screen in your frame can be done in a group looping session. Looping can add depth to any world through the use of a full group, making it one of the most cost effective solutions for non-principle actor ADR recording.

ECG Productions can provide any type of “loop group:” a collection of actors that record their voiceover together in an ADR session. We can hire a pre-existing “loop group,” actors that constantly work together in Group ADR sessions, or we can create a fully custom “loop group” based on the specific needs of your production. We will provide looping direction or you can run the session yourself, its entirely up to you. We’ll provide the gear, the engineer and the recording booth, giving you full creative control of the project while not having to worry about the technical stuff.

In looping, the group is recorded together, so the natural rise and fall of groups speaking is already in the recording, making it easy for the sound mixer to implement background dialogue into the mix without having to mix multiple levels. It creates realistic background sound, with overlapping lines and realistic conversation. We allow and encourage looping groups to improvise while staying within clear bounds set by the director, ensuring that the resulting tracks are both varied and relevant to your project.

Just one “loop group” can fully realize the sound over an entire picture, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck in your recording session. There’s no need to hire a numerous individual actors and book separate recording sessions. Even a group of five can provide multiple voices, making every line of background dialogue feel different. Imagine having a fully realized world, with all your background sound, recorded in a single day? Tracks will be given to you clearly labeled and separated so the project’s sound mixer knows exactly what they’re receiving, and how it fits into the final edit. It couldn’t be easier to complete your background sound.

No matter the project, ECG Productions will provide the perfect looping to take your production to the next level, at a cost that fits your budget.