Video Post-Production

What is video post-production?

Video post-production, to put it mildly, is a vast subject. Trying to explain every part of post-production on a single page would be like writing a textbook on a napkin — messy, impractical, and hard to understand.

What does video post-production entail? In the most basic terms, it’s everything that happens after footage is shot and before the finished product gets distributed. Sound like a lot? It’s probably even more than you think.

We’ve described video production as our heartbeat here at ECG Productions. And if that’s true, then post-production is our lymphatic system; more specialized, but no less vital for survival. Strained and medically-questionable metaphors aside, the team at ECG Productions has been editing, mixing, and coloring video for over ten years, and we’ve got it down to a science. We may not be doctors, but we know every area of post-production, inside and out.

Getting to know post-production departments

Post-production includes video editing, color grading, sound design, special effects like CGI, and more. In some cases, but not always, it includes animation, too. (Read more about animation and what sets it apart here!) Within those categories, there are near infinite subcategories of video post-production that have to mesh in order to finish movies, TV shows, commercials, branded content, and everything in between.

What’s more, not every video is the same. The steps involved, and the chronology of those steps, might change based on the needs of a specific project. Like every other aspect of video content creation, post-production requires multiple departments working in perfect sync to reach the goal: producing a kick-ass video.

Understanding the various video post-production departments and what they can do for you goes a long way towards producing the content you want, the way you want it. Some projects work great for animation, while others should be live action, and vice versa. Some videos are heavy on special effects. Others need very specific color grades. The options are almost endless!

For more information on each video post-production department, please click on any of the images below!

Video Post-Production Services

We offer video editing services for film, television, corporate, industrial, commercial, and music video projects.


Video mastering is an obscure but vital step in the post-production process. Export settings, codecs, and quality control, oh my!


Broadcast trafficking is complicated. Every platform has unique specifications for videos. Good thing we know how to deliver.


At ECG, all of our captioning and subtitling services use industry-standard post-production software. Check it out!


Chroma-keying takes your scene anywhere. Create your ideal scene without leaving the studio thanks to our custom green screen!


Our color correction services make your shots seamless. Different cameras? No problem.


Color grading breathes life into an image, whether it’s a still or a video. We color grade to make scenes beautiful, sad, scary, romantic, and more!


Compositing has become an integral part of the modern digital production process. Learn what it means and how we do it.


Since the early days of cinema, on-time, top quality dailies have made or broken large scale production. See what they’re all about!


Deliverables are what it’s all for! They’re the content you need, in the format you need for distribution. To say the least, you want them done right.


From footage tweaks, to text tracking, to blockbuster explosions, match motion tracking is a vital tool in the 3D animator’s belt.

melissa producer ecg productions

Make the most of your media buying dollars with smart media buying. We’re ready to make media buying magic with you.

Planar tracking is a valuable animation technique for inserting elements into, or removing elements from, your video. Check out how it’s done!

Sometimes, you just need to blur things in videos. It can absolutely save your favorite shots, and there’s more to it than you might think.

African american videographer editing video montage for visual effects movie project on computer. Filmmaker editor working remote from home at footage using digital post production software
Revitalize old videos with ECG Productions’ expert restoration. Our techniques enhance clarity, color, and sound, preserving cherished memories for the future.



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