Strong Corporate Video: The Top 4 Essential Elements

It’s very much on trend to want to create video content for Corporate endeavors.

It’s an essential way we communicate today, and a great way to engage an audience while getting a specific message across.

But, like with all such content, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. 

It’s time to innovate, and really use your content to your advantage by giving your audience what they want, what they can connect to. At ECG, we can help you hit all the essentials.

Negating the reputation of corporate video

For those who’ve worked in business for a long time, it’s not hard to think back to what corporate video used to be. Previous essential elements, unfortunately were:

They were simple and lacked vision. The thought was, why do you really need it when you know people have to watch the video, right? Wrong.

There’s no reason your visual has to be a talking head basically walking through a PowerPoint presentation. Yes, it may have worked before, but today audiences demand more, even from the content they have to watch.

Picking a focus

The subject at hand essentially refers to any visual content that educates an audience about your business. It can help build brand awareness or provide vital, internal information. Your audience can be employees or customers. Regardless, the goal should be to provide otherwise boring information in an exciting way.

Each video should have a different focus, so picking that at the outset is important. It can:

  • Train or instruct employees
  • Share financial results for investors
  • Demonstrate a new product or service
  • Provide customer/client testimonials
  • Summarize events 
  • Give company leaders a platform

Sometimes your focus will lead you to a concept where people are sitting in front of the camera talking, but with the right script, and maybe a few graphical elements, even this format can become more engaging and exciting. It’s also no longer your only option.

Using emotions

It’s often easy to get caught up in what information you want to come across in your contact. You make that your top priority rather than thinking about how to connect with the audience, whoever they are. 

The information is important, but so is engaging with who’s watching. 

The best way to do this is with emotions. Give your audience something to feel as they’re watching. Connect them to the focus of your content on an emotional level to grab attention and keep them interested through the duration of your video.


Inserting audio and visual elements

Since video is both a visual and auditory experience, it’s a great best practice to use both well when creating internal content. If someone is simply sitting on screen talking, you’re missing out on creating a stunning visual. If your video is all kinetic text and sliding graphics, your audience isn’t hearing anything to enhance the experience.

Both components, working together, can help your audience better remember the overall message of your content.

Think about both explaining and showing your message in each video to ensure you’ve got both elements adequately incorporated. 

Giving your brand the professional look it deserves

Once you’ve got your message and concept, the final polish to your project is making it look professional. After all, you’re a professional business whose brand should be taken seriously. Your content should reflect that.

To ensure you get the right look and feel, contact the experienced team at ECG Productions. We work hard, at every step of the process, to produce quality content with the right look and feel to engage your audience and maintain the professionalism of your brand. Here’s some of the work we’ve already done: 

For more information, and to get the conversation started, on how we can help with your next corporate video, contact ECG Productions today

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