Victoria Stilwell Visits ECG

Documentaries are a great platform for evoking change! Victoria Stilwell, from It’s Me or the Dog helped us out on this one for a day in our in-house greenscreen studio.
ECG Productions with Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell, of It’s Me Or The Dog fame, visited our studio to be interviewed for our Dr. Good: A Pet Rescue Mission documentary. With over 20 years of experience in training and rescuing animals, Victoria was able to provide great insight into the issues facing homeless pets in America. Victoria’s passion for animals is boundless and her solutions for identifying and eradicating the hardships surrounding the issues are pragmatic. She supports Dr. Good’s mission because it attempts to solve problems at their roots, which involves changing peoples’ mindsets and behaviors when it comes to pet ownership.

ECG Productions with Victoria Stilwell Behind The Scenes

We cannot thank Victoria enough for volunteering her time to be involved in our documentary project. She understands that a documentary is a great way to spread a positive message and evoke change. Be sure to check back for more updates on Dr. Good: A Pet Rescue Mission. Also, check out Victoria’s new show Positively.

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