What is a Video Production Agency?

group of employees at video production agency having a creative meeting
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Considering creating some video content, but aren’t sure whether you need to work with a production agency? We tell you what one is and why they’re beneficial.

client planning meeting at video production agency

A video production agency is a hybrid between a traditional video production company and a traditional advertising agency. Typically, large advertising agencies outsource the video production and mark up the video production company’s services by 20%. The agencies in this example typically come up with the creative concepts, pitch the concepts and hire a video production team to create the television commercial or web video. A video production agency allows companies large and small to avoid additional agency markups by providing the services that traditional agencies offer. Rather than hire an agency and have them come up with the concepts and all of the creative, a video production agency will handle everything from concept to the final deliverable.

If I don’t use a traditional ad agency what am I missing out on?

If you opt to use a video production agency over the traditional ad agency you won’t be missing much other than paying less money. Obviously extremely talented and seasoned advertising professionals will have great ideas, but that does not mean that video production agencies can’t come to the table with really great ideas. These days video production agencies like ours are hiring top notch video creatives who specialize in this particular medium.

How does a video production agency operate?

Much like a traditional agency a video production agency will be engaged by a client at which point the client will lay out their goals for the television commercial or video and provide any pertinent information about the product or service so the video team can pitch a couple creative concepts. Once the concepts are pitched the client will either give feedback on the proposed concepts or ask the company to come back with some other ideas. It’s not uncommon to pitch several times. This is not only an exercise for the video production agency but for the client as well. It’s rare that a client knows exactly what they want and this creative process typically results in a better end product, better messaging and a better understanding of the client’s short-term and long-term goals.

Expensive video means better video right?

In many respects this is a true statement but there is the law of diminishing returns at play. A great video is not cheap but a great video does not need to cost $200k every time. There comes a point with any creative endeavor where money can no longer control the outcome of the video. Think about all the $100 million dollar films that flop. Great idea and concepts are what make great video. The bells and whistles of video cameras, lights, lenses, talent and location are merely tools used to bring the concept to life. A great video production agency is going to work hard to come up with an amazing concept that can be executed within the confines of the budget. (See my article on why clients should tell video production companies their budgets here.) Yes, sometimes great ideas don’t fit within budget confines but if the idea is great enough the clients will likely find the money to do it or will work with the video production agency to come up with ways to execute the idea within the budget parameters. Since the client has saved over 20% by going with a video production agency over a traditional advertising agency there is more money to play with to get the job done right!

How do I choose a video production agency?

A great video production agency will have a large portfolio of great work and happy clients. Make sure to look at each company and speak to the principals on the phone or in person. Get to know the company. Are they responsive? Are they passionate? Are they capable of delivering a great product on time and on budget? Do they care about the outcome as much as you? These are all critical things to understand before making the right decision.

ECG Productions, is a video production agency located in Atlanta, Georgia. With a slew of Fortune 500 clients and a team of talented professionals who are dedicated to delivering a world-class product we ask that you consider us for your next television commercial or video project. Experience the difference of working directly with your video vendor and the joy of saving all that money.


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