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    Whether you like it or not, if you’re in the video production business, then you’re also in the business of data management. Video professionals must manage and protect a larger quantity of data than almost any other industry. That's because video files are some of the largest file types around....
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    Working as a creative in the fast-paced world of commercial production means moving quickly, moving efficiently. You can’t just be nimble-minded. You also have to be adaptive and decisive. If you have an idea, explore it; if that idea falls flat, you better be ready to redirect, and fast! When...
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    Winterim finally arrived. An opportunity to get a real glimpse of what I think I want to do in the future. I sat on my computer for many hours, emailing ten different film studios. Hoping that somebody somewhere might want to take up a high school student as their intern...
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    A Brief History of My Notebook Those who have visited my office in the last few years might remember a messy notebook sitting open on my desk. This small, teal-dotted, Moleskine journal has kept me productive and focused every day for the last year. Before this notebook there was another,...
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    The internet is full of people extolling the benefits of 360 virtual reality video. They’re sure about this, but it’s very difficult to find anyone who can give specifics. There’s a reason for that: the ‘rules’ have yet to be written. There may be a lot of people who will...
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      The 75th Golden Globe nominees were announced recently. And right off the bat, people (myself included) seemed more surprised by who wasn’t on the ballot. In addition, critically acclaimed directors were snubbed. Nomination panels have always been just like that passive aggressive girl you knew in middle school that...
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    I want to get one thing clear here: sexual assault and abuse, sexual harassment, rape, and all sexual misconduct is deplorable. It has no place in society, let alone the film industry. As we’ve seen, high profile figures have come under fire for the past few years for sexual assault....