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Now that ikan is the official Tilta distributor for North America, they were kind enough to send us some of their new Tilta rig components to test for the Red Epic. Special thanks to Chance White, owner/DP of White Flame Studios, for volunteering his time and Red Epic to demonstrate these components in use. We've been collaborating with Chance White for several years now — He's a great guy and he's very talented. Recently, we put this Tilta Epic Rig through it's paces on a music video shoot and it served us quite well. Look out for an upcoming behind the scenes blog post about our experience shooting with this Red Epic rig in the field.

For now, check out the video below to see how all of the Tilta Rig components can be assembled to make an epic Epic/Scarlet rig.

The foundation of the rig is the Red Epic/Scarlet Rig (Tilta).

Red epic tilta rig

This kit features everything you need to armor your camera, give it lots of mounting points/options, and provides you with the rails, baseplate, dovetail, and top handle. The quality of the components is top notch as it is precision machined anodized aluminum.

Next, we mounted our rig to the 19mm Dovetail Shoulder Mount System (Tilta).

dovetail shoulder mount

This is a great component because the dovetail plate on the shoulder mount makes it fast and easy to go from sticks to handheld. The camera slides up and down the dovetail for easy balancing of the weight distribution. The shoulder rig is sturdy and comfortable with it's adjustable rosette handgrips and shoulder pad. There are threaded mounting holes throughout in case you want to mount a battery plate or other accessory.

Then we added the Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus to our rig.

follow focus

This follow focus has a 1:1 ratio so there is no play or slipping. Everything on this follow focus is easily adjustable: the tension, the side (left or right), the gears (3 sizes), and the positioning of the gear. It is also compatible with 15mm or 19mm rods. With so much customization, this follow focus should work with any rig and on any lens. It also comes with 3 marking discs and 5 gear rings. The model that ikan sent us even included a whip and a crank. This is one premium follow focus system.

After that, we attached the 4×5.65″ Carbon Fiber MatteBox (Tilta) to the rig.

tilta matte box

This is a serious matte box. It comes with everything you need to flag off flares from hitting the lens and it has 2 rotatable filter trays. It has a swing away design for easy lens changes and it's compatible with 15mm or 19mm rods. Oh, and did I mention it's carbon fiber!

Lastly, we finished off our rig build with the workhorse ikan d7w monitor.  It's a great monitor to use with an Epic (or any camera for that matter!) because it has 3G-SDI, 1280×800 resolution, and all of the software features and waveforms available to man.

The only thing that we didn't attach to our rig, which I highly recommend, is a professional battery plate solution because Red Bricks will only get you so far! ikan makes great V-mount and Anton Bauer batteries. They even have a Multiple Output V-Mount Battery Plate.

multiple outlet battery plate

Simply attach your V-mount battery and then power your Red camera with a P-tap to Lemo power cable. This battery plate is cool because it also has 12V, 7.2V, and 5V outputs so you can power other devices simultaneously such as monitors, audio recorders, etc. You can even power a DSLR camera using the 7.2V output on this battery plate.

Thanks for watching/reading. Feel free to post a comment or question below.

Brandon Peterson

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