ECG Productions | 2022 Taste Reel

Feast Your Eyes On the Latest & Greatest From ECG Taste!

Hey, did you guys know we love food? Like, a lot?

It’s been awhile since we caught you up on all the mouth-watering food & beverage content we’ve captured, but suffice it to say: we’ve kept our cameras rolling and our bellies full since the last ECG Taste reel hit the web.

Keep in mind: our cinematic culinary exploits are far from one note. From recipe how-to videos, to some grisly book promos; from some delectable food & beverage event coverage, to the hit HBO Max & truTV series Taste the Culture – we’ve curated quite the video spread along to way to cooking up our latest ECG Taste reel.

But we’ll let the reel speak for itself.

As the saying goes in the culinary world, “You eat with your eyes first.” So we challenged one of our ace editors, Cameron Shaw, to dice up the incredible amount of food & beverage footage we have to find the tastiest, most scrumdiddlyumptious morsels.

Like a truffle dog scouring the loam of a drizzly Italian forrest, Cam (an avid “foodie himself) dove snout-first into a search for the best and most beautiful food & beverage footage we have. Luckily, Cam also took the reigns as Taste the Culture’s lead editor, so he had an intimate understanding of our most recent, most jaw-dropping content. 

Cam used TtC as the backbone of the reel (the main course, if you will) and used some diegetic audio from episodes we produced to infuse the reel with a little extra oomph.

All this to say, the proof is in the (video) pudding: the 2022 ECG Taste reel is a sho




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