James Patterson – The Cornwalls Are Gone (Book Trailer)

Book Trailer for James Patterson’s thriller, The Cornwalls Are Gone

Sit back and strap in for our most thrilling book trailer yet!

Captain Amy Cornwall’s family is missing. She’ll do whatever it takes to bring them home. This is the crux of both James Patterson’s latest thriller, The Cornwalls Are Gone, and the book trailer we shot for it.

From the get go, we knew this spot had to be an exciting, tense, rush of a spot. The piece’s director, Jason Sirotin, was adamant that we immerse audiences head first into Amy Cornwall’s dire situation. As such, we elected to shoot this trailer as a one-shot using a Steadicam. The results are as gripping as they were challenging from a production standpoint. However, thanks in great part to Muriel Lee’s great production design work, we made our amazing suburban home location look ransacked and invaded.

Add in a little well-crafted sound design (the boiling water, the staccato of boots on the stairs), as well as a super cool visual effects gag at the end, and we had ourselves an unforgettable project. Give it a watch, and you’ll see a video that’s almost as exciting as Patterson’s writing! Or, if you’re feeling extra bold, dive into our second trailer for the book.

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Branded Content




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