Free Email Response Template for Music Video Requests

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Do you work in video production? Do you get more requests for content than you can handle? Use this email response template to help make communication easier.

If you’re like me, a professional video producer running his own video production company, you are inundated with emails about projects. People looking for jobs, people seeking your services, or people just asking questions. So, to make my life easier over the course of 2017, I crafted a series of canned email responses to my most common email requests. By the end of the year, I increased my productivity and my profits using these gems to work more efficiently and effectively.

Now, I’m going to give them to you for free! I want you to experience the freedom this technique allows. And every time you have a semi-empty inbox, just promise you’ll think of me.

Hot off the Press: My Email Response Template for Music Video Requests

I wrote my first blog post in 2013 and it’s been my most read and shared article. It was about music videos, so I thought it would be appropriate to make the first email response template in my series about music videos too.  Well, here is my generic response to a typical question I get emailed daily.

Typical Music Video Request:

“I need a music video. How much?”

A man buries his face in his hands after a typical music video request and quote.
A man buries his face in his hands after a typical two-sentence music video request and quote.

“Super smart inquiry”, he said through his facepalm.

My Email Response Template:

[Insert artist/commissioner’s name here], thanks for reaching out to Entertainment Creative Group about your music video project. Our music video range greatly in price depending on the concept and what is needed to make it great. The range can be as low as $15,000.00 to $100,000+. There are a lot of variables. If you’re interested in getting more information and pricing from us please answer the below questions and then we will be able to move towards next steps.

  • We need to like the track. Please send us the song as an mp3 file to
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have a concept or do you want us to build a concept around your budget?
  • Can we get a picture of the artist or a link to a video of them?
  • Will there be any travel outside of the metro Atlanta area? If so where?
  • Is there a style you are trying to achieve? If so links to videos or pictures that reflect a style are helpful.
  • Once we get answers to the above questions we can decide if this is an opportunity worth pursuing. Thanks for thinking of us for this project!

Music Video Samples:

16 OS – Lil’ Freak

The Armory – If I Ever

Kese – On Me

Matty B – New Kids

P-Dash – George Stinney

Elder Jones – Hard Work

Vitaly K – Universe

16 OS – 3’s Company

Freetown – Life of The Party

P-Dash – Adickdid

The Armory – Burn the City Down

16 OS – Invictus

J The Producer – Ain’t Nobody Greater

A Few Notes

Remember: send plenty of samples of your work for the commissioner or artist to watch. The above list shows off a bunch of my favorite music videos we’ve done, but your list should show off your work. Wow them with your skills, both in emailing and in production.

Moreover, make any necessary tonal or verbiage changes before you hit SEND. This is just a template email to get you started. At Entertainment Creative Group, we take the time to consider every client’s individual needs and preferences. You should, too!

Now Use My Wisdom!

BOOM! I just saved you a ton of email crafting time! Now share the love and post this on your social networks so your video friends can save time as well. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future free email response templates! My next email response responds to another popular question… “I’m super interesting and should have a reality show. How much?”

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