J the Producer | Ain’t Nobody Greater

Life is never boring when you work at a full service video production company. Each day is a new adventure with different needs and opportunities for creative thinking. On September 18th, 2015 all the folks here at ECG got to see another of director Jason Sirotin’s visions come to life, as we turned our entire studio into a shiny, ethereal reflective world, all with the help of (lots and lots of) common household aluminum foil.

Covering studio in tin foil before

It’s safe to say that ECG’s interns will never look at aluminum foil the same way again. We feel foil has always been underrated. Sure, it’s great for leftovers, but it can also be a medium for art, and a surprisingly forgiving medium at that. Much like paint, it can cover a surface, and like clay, it can be molded into various shapes. The more items that were made, the more the ideas started to flow. Although prop making went on for weeks, we were able to wallpaper the entire studio and several other large items, like couches, chairs, tables, and even a full drum kit in just slightly over 12 hours.

studio covered in tin foil after

On shoot day ”J the Producer” came into the studio ready to create an epic video. Like you would expect from a professional, he was ready to outshine the otherworldly backdrop…and that he did! His confidence radiated as he performed “Ain’t Nobody Greater” over and over, never losing an ounce of stage presence during a very long day. Director, Jason Sirotin and Director of Photography, Brandon Peterson had each shot in carefully planned for maximum efficiency and creativity.

After the ECG post production team had a chance to work their magic, this video became a work of art worthy of the ambitious concept we had envisions. As is always the case, as the average viewer watches, their eyes will focus in on the artist and his craft with very little thought to the amount of work and production that went into creating such a visually appealing video…and that’s just the way it should be. Great music video work doesn’t call attention to itself, it transports the viewer to another world and adds depth to the music by engaging effectively engaging multiple sense. All in a day’s work for the ECG team!

Performer in tin foil room



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