2D & 3D Animation

ECG’s team of core animators are some of the best, brightest and most talented folks we’ve got. From motion graphics to 2D hand drawn characters to 3D modeling, some of our favorite stuff in our portfolio comes from the Animation Department. Our clients love putting attention grabbing animation in their videos, and it never fails to spruce up an intro or a book promo. When our clients come to us with video concepts heavy on the information and facts, and they need to relay it in a palatable way, we like to recommend either a full animation project or, at the very least, animated graphic elements. It makes sure the audience is fully engaged from start to finish and it’s pretty fun to make, too.

2D & 3D Animation Portfolio

SCUF Gaming Infinity 4PS controller with removable pads

SCUF Gaming | Infinity 4PS

Awesome animation can really show off the best features of a product. For example, here’s how we did it for the Infinity 4PS for the PlayStation 4, a SCUF Gaming controller.

Video thumbnail for airplane systems software.

iJet | Sales Video

Get animated, 3D animated with this iJet sales video produced by the animation-savvy team at ECG Productions. This high-tech concept is very cool to watch.

Thumbnail for Kobiton animated video.

Kobiton | Software Explainer Video

Using an animated explainer video to demo your product is a great way to make people understand it. This one for Kobiton shows the power of 2D animation to tell a story!

ECG Productions | Tsunami Tuna Teaser

Tsunami Tuna was a passion project that taught us a lot about 3D animation and graphics workflow. The teaser for this wacky, weird TV show puts it all on display!

Animated Hacker being hit by Core Security Super hero

Core Security | Animation

Classic video games inspired this 2D animated commercial for corporate client, Core Security. This nostalgic approach brought lighthearted charm to a very serious subject.

interactive graphics using hand

CDC | NCBDDD Animation

This animation video we produced for the CDC is a prime examples of showcasing key public health information through impactful, interesting visuals. Education and entertainment CAN go hand in hand!

Medi-Soft app and papers

McKesson | Medical Animation

McKesson’s latest medical software, Medisoft, streamlines processes for patients. To show it off, we produced a simple yet effective animation/software demo video.

Man discussing Sof-Adhere

Sof-Adhere | Medical Video

The simple, succinct nature of animated explainer videos make them a favorite in the medical world. This example for SOF-Adhere shows why!