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Being an Atlanta-based production company, we’re always excited for an opportunity to work with our neighbors at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. It’s always a great bonus to be able to create dynamic video content that also teaches a lesson that’s valuable for public health. In this case we were tasked with finding an engaging and entertaining way to highlight key facts about birth defects and developmental disabilities, with the goal of maximizing information retention for viewers.

animation for NCBDDD

On the front end of the project we collaborated with many different departments in order to get as much information as possible. Managing communication between multiple departments and agencies can be a challenge, as everyone has information they want to make sure makes its way into the final, rather short, video. Covering all the necessary content while also rigorously maintaining strict scientific & medical accuracy is crucial. Combine that with the equally important consideration of keeping the information relatable and understandable to the layperson and you’ve got a fairly complex ecosystem in which to develop content. In this case, viewer engagement hinges on being able to relate facts to what one has personally experienced, with the goal of inspiring action. The final product presents a dense, but digestible, amount of information and finishes with a strong, branded call-to-action.

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