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Food promo for junk food and jellybeans

You’ve got your content, now it’s time to get it out there. You need to engage people; you need to excite them! At ECG Productions, we have an arsenal of techniques designed to help you set the public’s imagination on fire with a kickass promotional campaign.

Promos Should Open Eyes and Turn Heads

We do it all. Because in this business, versatility is key. No matter where your promotional message needs help, we’ll be there to expand its horizons. From script to screen and beyond.

After all, building a great promo campaign is about more than just posters, buzzwords, and pithy phrases. It’s about understanding people and what they want to see. In the sea of shifting public opinions and desires, we’re perfectly positioned in Atlanta—the literal epicenter of the video production in the world.

From Script to Screen, From Soup to Nuts

A crew on a TV stage films a promo

Not only do we have our finger on the pulse, we’ve got you covered in the writer’s room and the editing suite. Story is king, and it takes a steady hand to make a stranger care about hours worth of content in only a matter of seconds. Fortunately, our writers are battle-tested wordsmiths. And our editors are skilled storytellers who cut right down to the heart of what makes your promotional content special.

Think you might favor a creative, immersive method of promotion? We’re on the cutting edge of 360 video and virtual reality. We’ve already got tons of experience in this wildly popular field and we love putting our knowledge to use. In case you’ve somehow missed the news, 360 video is exploding right now and has a wide array of uses. Moreover, it’s here to stay and the possibilities are, well, virtually endless.

Never Settle, Always Push-the-Envelope

Promos writing team fistbumps

What is it about great promos that grabs your attention? Think punchy, exciting, and action-driven. Think big laughs or emotional setups that hit you right in the feels. Doesn’t your brand and story deserve as great if not better than these?!

ECG Productions is ready to partner with you and make it happen. Let’s get the word out!

Let us know what kind of promos are on your mind and what you think you might need!  Let's get there together.  Contact us today!