Georgia-Pacific | Point A Center For Supply Chain Innovation

Explore the future of the South’s supply chain industry in this cutting edge announcement video from Georgia-Pacific

Since its founding almost a century ago, Georgia-Pacific has racked up quite a few claims to fame. They were the #1 lumber supplier to the American armed services during WWII. In 1969, they donated a giant swath of California redwood trees to the public to use as a national park. They even won the EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award in 2009 (that’s a big deal, by the way). But all that pales in comparison to their latest initiative: the Point A Center for Supply Chain Innovation.

Like the incubators of Silicon Valley fame, Point A serves as a meeting space for the best and brightest in the supply chain field to collaborate. Enterprise level businesses, academics, even industry disruptors all under one roof with one express goal: improve America’s supply chain.

And it was our job to showcase just why this space was so important.

So, to capture the excitement behind this initiative, we spent 2 days traveling around Atlanta shooting with some of its orchestrators. Director Jordan Nowlin had a blast interviewing the likes of Hala Modelmogg (President & CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber) and Christian Fischer (President & CEO, Georgia-Pacific). “Honestly I didn’t have to do much actual interviewing,” says Nowlin. “These folks were so passionate about this initiative—so abundantly stoked about the future of the supply chain industry—that I really just let them run with it!” 

Once we got into post-production, we had a ton of fun stuff to work with. For one, the interview shots were stunning, some of our best to date. But also, the vast amount of supply chain b-roll we’d accrued over the years really came in handy here. Fast-moving robot shots, gorgeous timelapses intercut over to-the-point sound bytes, it all makes for one awesome announcement video.




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