H&W Printing | Company Overview / Client Pitch Video

A corporate overview/business pitch video we’ve been chomping at the print to share!

When you’re pitching your business to new potential clients, it’s important to make a big first impression. That’s exactly what H&W Printing had in mind when they reached out to us to produce this video. With a big client pitch with Primrose on the line, we worked hand in hand with the client to make something that’d make a splash in their meeting.

The resulting video is one of our favorite corporate videos to date.

Working in conjunction with our good friends at LensHead Media, our production day goals were two-fold: capture gorgeous interview shots, and get a ton of beautiful, roving b-roll. The interview shots speak for themselves: they’re well-lit with lovely, albeit non-disruptive backgrounds. And the b-roll mirrors the industriousness of H&W itself — always in motion and constantly innovating. What’s more, the combo of our dependable Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro and the jaw-droppingly-lovely RED Monstro 8K VV lends the spot a polished, cinematic look.

Combine that with some sleek motion graphics we created using H&W’s own brand assets and an inviting color grade, and we had one beautiful video on our hands!




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