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Ever wonder what production industry professionals think of the movies and television you watch? In this section, you’ll find movie and TV recommendations from our team. You’ll also find plenty of holiday-related lists like our Halloween TV Isn’t Dead post. Whether you’re into movie reviews and breakdowns or just like to get some behind the scenes knowledge from your favorite fandoms you can find something interesting here.

A Film Geek's Guide to Baseball

A Film Geek’s Guide to Baseball

Baseball is all over the movies, so it’s possible to be both a film geek and a baseball lover, but does combining the two do the sport justice? We’re not so sure and here’s why.

Older model TV on the beach

Are We in Too Deep with TV Shows?

TV shows are deeper and more engaging than every before. In this post, we debate whether online chatter and theories add to or subtract from the viewing experience.

Michael Cera from Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Content Survey Response #4: Jenn Lee

Get to know the staff at ECG. In this post, we meet colorist extraordinaire, Jenn Lee. She took time away from color grading to talk about her favorite movies and tv shows.