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Ever wonder what production industry professionals think of the movies and television you watch? In this section, you’ll find movie and TV recommendations from our team. You’ll also find plenty of holiday-related lists like our Halloween TV Isn’t Dead post. Whether you’re into movie reviews and breakdowns or just like to get some behind the scenes knowledge from your favorite fandoms you can find something interesting here.

Content Survey Response #1: David Wappel

Explore a video production professional’s favorite films and tv shows. Our categories include “best action,” “guilty pleasure” and “guaranteed tears” in this post.

Tsunami Tuna Premiere Party

Having a premiere party for a tv show you worked hard to create is the best. Here’s what we did to celebrate the first episode of Tsunami Tuna. It was a party to remember.

Victoria Stilwell Visits ECG

Documentaries are a great platform for evoking change! Victoria Stilwell, from It’s Me or the Dog helped us out on this one for a day in our in-house greenscreen studio.