Commercials are almost a no brainer for us at this point. That’s not to say that every commercial project that comes through our door won’t demand varying amounts of pre-production, writing, shooting, editing, animation, graphics, sound design… what was that about no brainer we mentioned? Maybe that’s not quite right. It doesn’t matter how many of these we’ve done, we still love the challenge even the simplest commercials present. And they are a huge chunk of our best work. Besides being entertaining, they also have to deliver a concise, on-brand message, and a pretty effective call to action to boot. They are the seemingly simple video production standard that’s been around for as long as the medium, almost. But there’s an art to commercial video production that, we think, at least, we’ve mastered from a decade plus of making them.

Commercials Portfolio

Video thumbnail for airplane systems software.

iJet | Sales Video

Get animated, 3D animated with this iJet sales video produced by the animation-savvy team at ECG Productions. This high-tech concept is very cool to watch.

ECG Productions - Show Reel 2018

ECG Productions | 2018 Show Reel

ECG Productions is proud of the work we’ve done, and from live action to every kind of animation, this show reel demonstrates just what we’re capable of. Check it out!

Aireal photo of Blackhall Studios' film studio space in Atlanta, GA

Blackhall Studios | Promo Video

Check out Atlanta’s own top-of-the-line film and sound stages, Blackhall Studios. A combination of drone footage and 3D text graphics make this promo video POP!

Mercedes-Benz - 2018 GLA Walk Around video

Mercedes-Benz | 2018 GLA Walk Around

This product demo video of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA will get your engines revved. Get an inside look at all the gadgets and features that make this car a cut above the rest.

Three smiling adults stand together with a happy child in the middle.

Resurgens Orthopaedics | Neck to Toes 0:30

This ambitious commercial for Resurgens Orthopaedics has it all. Cool visual effects, a re-hashed classic ditty, and some impressive camera work. Gaze in wonder at “Neck to Toes.”

A man in a blue shirt explains the benefits of an Any Lab Text Now employer account.

Any Lab Test Now | Employer Account

If you’re an employer, drug testing is an unfortunate but very real necessity. This commercial for Any Lab Test Now gives employers all the info they need.

Business man discussing Saleswise

Saleswise | Meeting Manager

Add one parts sleek modern location, 2 parts dynamic compositing, and 1 parts smooth Steadicam shot. What do you get? This commercial for Meeting Manager by Saleswise, of course.